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October 03, 2008


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I hunted Ohio last weekend. With only ONE buck tag in your pocket for the entire 2008 season (gun or bow), I passed on a bunch of smaller bucks. It was also a little too hot to harvest a doe (7hr ride home). In two days I saw 9 bucks and 14 does. Most bucks were the 120-130 class. One buck was 140-150, but really didn't offer a shot. Most of the best action was in the evening. Good luck guys, shoot straight.

Went the evening of Oct 1. Saw 6 does feeding on acorns.

Going again in the morning.


Haven't been out since last weekend. Might try and get out Sunday. I have lots of fall yardwork to get done on Saturday.

Waiting for an East/Northeast wind so I can hunt a new stand I hung. It's killing me to wait.

Good luck everyone getting out tonight.

New blog site SHOULD be up on Monday, so I'm swamped with that this weekend lol!!

Sat in some hardwoods bordering corn and high grass last night, saw NOTHING...

sitting on a bean field in a blind tonight, wish me luck...

Absolute perfect opener weather thus far. Went out Wed. afternoon and saw two immature bucks and two 'coons. Was awesome just to get out. My friend reports seeing a buster in one of our food plots last evening just before dark. I'm heading out tonight to see what shows up. Happy to be alive man!

Opening day is tomorrow in PA. Will be spending the majority of it in the woods...

Had one jump string yesterday(Thurs), o well. Their moving good though, still little sign of rutting activity here, no scrapes. I found a good rub line, gonna post up there, report back soon. GOOD LUCK! ! !

Opened Oct 1st in Michigan. Shot a nice older Doe last night. No bucks in range, 22 yards-heart shot. I always thank God at the kill sight for providing everything I have !

Michigan Whitetail Nut

Doug, you're doing it right man, good luck! Dirty hold a little low, let then jump/duck down into your arrow

I'm trying to be patient, Mike. It ain't easy. Sounds like you and I are the only ones not getting out this weekend.

Hey, does anyone know of a way to check wind direction forecasts? Is there such a thing? I haven't been able to find anything at the regular weather sites. Or is wind direction too flukey to forecast?

Got some good news and bad news. I'm going out in the morning for the first time this year, opening day. Bad news, can't go where I wanted to. As of 6:30 tonight, my dad, brother,uncle, cousin, a few buddies and I, lost permission on a great 640+ acre piece of land. 4 guys went in together and bought it a couple of years ago to develop it. Have had trouble getting started for whatever reason but have let us hunt. Of the 4 partners though, 3 of them want absolutely no hunting. They have lawyers involved and unless our permits(which we've had for the last 3 years) say Such and Such, LLC., we don't have permission. THe corp. was established about 6 days ago so none of us have any legal rights to be in there. Really depressing b/c we've killed some big ones in there and have some awesome buck sign already...So I am the only hunting in the morning on a 30+/- acre piece of land...havent seen much for buck sign so I might stick the first doe I see. Was planning on hunting all day but I don't have much confidence in the property. Saw abunch of deer moving tonight though, inlcuding two really nice 8's and big 6. Supposed to get down in the low 40's tonight which is great have seen a ton of deer movement in the mornings at work, including a giant 11 or 12 point the last two mornings(lands leased to a hunt club, bummer). Had a decent 8 respond to grunt call the other morning, came running close to 100 yds across a field till he saw me leaned against the tree and he knew for some reason that sound shouldn't come from me..make sure ya got your calls boys...sorry for the long post..


Shot a doe last Saturday in KY early in the morning. Heading to Illinois for five days this coming Thursday, hoping the weather stays cool, the crops are getting harvested, and the deer are moving up there. Alabama doesn't open until the 15th, so we've got some time to go down here.

Congrats on the buck in MT Mike.

season doesn't until Oct.18 in upstate NY. this sucks!!!! friends are hunting this weekend in Kansas,PA and Ohio. i hate them :)

Doug, dig around in Weatherchannel.com until you find the "hourly forecast" for the area nearest where you hunt, then hit that it will give you the supposed wind direction on the hour for like 36 hours; this is good general reference, but of course it often blows differently where ou hunt, but at least you'll have a guide

went out this morning for the first time on that 30 acres I wrote about above. Bumped a bunch of deer going in. Got kind of discouraged b/c its a very small woodlot that I hunt there and figured I wouldn't see anything else..was light enough to see about 10 after 6. Went ahead and grabbed the bow and stood up just in case...hour and a half later after not seeing a deer and my legs and back hurting from standing up i hung my bow back up and sat down. NOT 20 SECONDS LATER I heard a deer walking up the hill behind me. A couple of does and some fawns. Behind them, a tall tall spike. I had decided to shoot the first buck I saw b/c I really wasn't expecting much off of that property and had never taken one with my bow...Before I could grab my bow though I realized the does had gotten up the hill and were feeding to me..at eye level, not good, had to wait. The spike got spooky and looked behind him and I heart a deep, throaty grunt. I noticed a really big bodied deer but couldn't see its head. Out from behind that deer walked a nice 7 pt. Some of the does had come down in front of me now and were less than 10 yds away, 3 does, the spike, and the 7 were still eye level...still not good. Big deer grunted again and stepped foward. BIG 10 point, not too good at scoring deer but he was tall heavy and wide, would say close to 150 maybe?? Could be wrong but he was BIG, gonna say it again, BIG. At that point he was probably 12 yds or so away. Still couldnt get my bow and stand up. the does in front of me started feeding away and the rest had their heads down, tried to stand up and a doe caught me. Now I'm have standing,squatting looking over my right shoulder at the deer and reaching around behind my left shoulder with my left arm to get the bow...couldnt move..NOT GOOD!THey calmed down, the one still staring at me though, The 7 pt made his way by me at maybe 5 yds. The big 10 was following him.. I thought "this might happen after all.." Had forgotten about the fawn that was in front of me until she came skipping by me and turned the 10 pt onto another trail. CRAP! CRAP was right. Would have had 15 yd quartering away shot on him on that trail. Except for that stupid fawn picked me up(again I forgot about her). As I grabbed my bow she blew and hopped off and the rest of the deer ran about 20 yds out of range and stopped and looked around for what spooked the fawn. I grunted and the big one and the 7 took a few steps back in my direction but after not seeing a deer, they followed the does over the hill and out of sight. I rattled lightly for a bit but to no avail..Going back next Sat and will hopefully get a crack at him..In NC right now visiting my girlfriend so no bow hunting this afternoon.. :/


Went out Friday after work and had an awesome evening hunt. I was covered up in deer and saw one decent 8 pointer. Pulled the Cuddeback on way to stand and just watched same 8 investigating one of the mock scrapes I made back on Sept. 19. Not quite a shooter. Also had one young buck chase a doe up a bit right at last light...wishful thinking on his part. She wanted nothing to do with him, so he began to forage a bit in the Sudan Grass my buddy has planted there.

Didn't hunt today; went to Purdue/Penn State football game with some friends. Will get out again tomorrow. Good luck everyone!!

This weather is the bee's knees for early deer activity.

Thanks Mike, I'll check that out. Doesn't look good for getting out tomorrow though. Didn't get enough done today. Did get to spend some time with my wife and boys. Haven't had enough of that with all the OT I've been working. Good day even without hunting.

Cody, hang in there, brother! Sounds like that little 30 acre spot might not be bad after all. Those litle plots can surprise us. Sounds like those deer never quite figured you out even though they spooked. I think you'll get another shot at that big boy.

Hey Dean, how did you set up your scrape? Been thinking about doing that. Do you hang a scent dripper? If my big community scrape doesn't get started before next week I planned on trying to use my HS scent dripper over a mock scrape there. Trying to condition that big wide buck I'm chasing to visit during daylight hours.

Also, anyone ever try the fresh delivery doe pee? Can't remember the name of the company. Seems gimicky. Mike, after hearing about you peeing off your stands, you should think about going into business. lol.

BTW, GO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found it. Ol' Drop Tyne.


Let a buddy hunt my stand this afternoon, he buggered one up, gonna do some more tracking in the morning, I hate not finding one...........

Opening day yesterday here in PA.

Sat a total of 8-1/2 hours and counted 19 deer. 2 "legal" bucks (I say legal because the PGC tells me I can shoot one with 3 pts on one side but I've killed enough of those little guys in my lifetime) and the rest were flatheads. And I've got plenty of time to shoot one of those, so I was content to just sit and watch. Had one yearling 6 pt feeding on apples 15 ft vertically and 0 feet horizontally away from me for almost a 1/2 hour. It sure is a lot fun when they are that close and have no idea you are there! Got to remember to pick an apple to drop on his head next time. LOL ! Wished I'd had my digital camera with me, but then I'm sure I wouldn't have seen anything. That stand is going to be a killer once the bucks start trailing though because the girls sure like them apples.

Might get to make it out one night this week after work but kids' soccer is messing with me until the end of the month.

All in all, one of my better archery openers in terms of deer activity but I'm guessing that the 35 degree morning helped a bunch...

Doug, I hope your right and I'm hoping that my prayers will be answered :) Haven't thought about much else since I saw him yesterday and know I wont be worth a darn at work this week :) Good luck to all of you that will be in the woods this week, I won't be able to go in the afternoons b/c I'm taking all night classes at school this semester. So again, GOOD LUCK!!


filmed a Giant 9 just over 150" Sat. night........had him at 56 yards....... i have a 55 yard pin and have killed deer at 52 yards but i hesitated and he walked out to 64 yards which i won't do........
i should have whacked him.....or maybe not what do you think.... i shoot a 3-4" group at 55 yards.

i keep replaying it in my head and i just can't seem to let it go....... i sure hope i get a crack again

he was a whopper........ my buds and i have seen 4 shooters since wednesday (125+ deer)

we have never had this much action this early....... it's gonna be a great season

Flatlander, I have been extending my range a bit, but 55 is far--you might could hit the lungs, but buck might move, turn, etc. i think you did right!

I too agree with Mike, you'll be a lot unhappier if you take a shot and he moves or your shot is off a little bit and you wound him and possibly loose him forever. You;ll get another crack at him. stay on him. Good luck and send us the pics! Ps,you did the right thing.

Hey Flatty, you guys gettin' the sweet cool weather in Ill. too?

I had two youngsters come in and stage behind me for over a half hour tonight. Then right at sun down I noticed a doe and fawn slip in. I had the doe at about 28-30 yards. I drew on her, but there was just too much junk in between us and it was getting dark fast in the woods.

I got home and listened to a message that my buddy, Big John, smoked a doe in our fall food plot. It's a mixture of Round Up Ready beans and stripped out with buck forage oats. I planted the beans on July 1st and the deer have absolutely pummeled them since they popped. They're real short, but they produced beans pretty nicely. The BFO is just over 3 weeks old and coming on nicely.

Good luck everyone!!

Hunted Wed. night threw Sun. AM Saw 7 different bucks, most were 5 to 7pts. Two of them were decent. Rattled in a split browtine buck that i had seen earlier with my trail cam. Same thing happend to me as Dirty. Buck was at 25 yards and he jumped my string, the thing dropped 8" to a foot when my bow released, just over his back. First time that has happened to me, had my sight at center body behind the sholder. Think i will be aiming a little lower next time like Mike said. I should have figured on that seeing how he was on edge from coming in to the horns. Was a great few days though, lots of deer around and man are they in full pre-rut mode here in MI where i hunt! Had bucks sparing two different times and one good short fight. Watched a couple of buck make scrapes right by me and lots of grunting! Cant wait to get back to the property this Thur. threw Mon.

hey guys thanks for the advice, i think you are right......it would be alot more painful to wound and lose him....

weather here is very cool, but supposed to get hot and rain 3days.....that should clean the stinck out of the woods......

our gang of buddies buthcered 31 deer last year during the whole season
this year we have already done 11 and 2 were nice bucks......
it is going to be an awesome season...... i have seen more deer this weekend than i saw in all of October last year

Hunted Sun. evening. Watched 12 in the last 2 hours. 4 Does 10-20 yards. Already shot a Doe a few days earlier. Jumped one buck going in at 1:00. Good 8 but from the back hard to tell exactly. Found a nice draw where a creek splits. Funnel spot between field and a steep hillside with some White Oaks. We recieved our first frost Sat. AM. Some rubs in area no scrape sign yet. I really like the spot. I use a Summit climber and might shange trees next time. Lots of activity-spot holds some promise. Looking for Mr. Big ! Hunting in the Grand Rapids area. Thinking about mock scrap. Any pointers on that ???

Michigan Whitetail Nut

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