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October 02, 2008


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I heard from a buddy up there that he is still alive. The town has turned into a media frenzy once the whole world found out via You Tube.

The whole poached by an archer was made up. Then it got spread like wildfire via the gold ol internet!

Game and Fish have confirmed that the buck is still alive. I'd be willing to bet this things comes down to a waging war and this landowner ends up letting some guy in for a ridiculous amount of money.

That is a great theory, as I believe that will happen with the buck from Wisconsin. The buck on You Tube from Sioux Falls is actually in city limits and would have to travel a few miles to get outside city limits to be legally taken by bow or gun. He has no reason to leave. The area is full of deer, food and cover. I should know, I live here and drive around the area in the early mornings when my daughter wakes up too early and needs to go back to sleep. The only cure for her is the car. I have several friends that have seen the buck in person and also have friends on the police force that have been keeping an extra eye on the area to keep it from being illegally taken. The deer is still alive according to a them and a few other GFP agents.

Hey, just thought I'd add that I had emailed South Dakota Game and Fish after Mike posted this. I really didn't think I'd get a response but I just got one a few minutes ago. The guy said they have not arrested anyone and that there was no truth to the reports that the buck had been poached.

how come i only got to see video once. now i can't see it again

i noticed they took the video off of youtube bc they sold it if you want to see it go to http://www.keloland.com/videoarchive/ they have it on there

stupid, ur ugly


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