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October 06, 2008


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AWESOME BUCK!! Those G3s are amazing!!!!

Can't wait for the new site, Mike.

Holy crap what a brute! The hunter still looks stunned that he shot such a big deer. lol. Nice job to the hunter, world class.

Looking forward to the new site, sounds great.

What an amazing deer! Congrats to the hunter.


that is not the look i would have on my facei if i just arrowed an 200+" buck with a bow.....

in the day and age of deer farms and raising super bucks.... i would be leary of anyhting that big unless they had harvest footage, not saying it is not legit, just not sure i would buy into it unless proven.... like they say in Missouri, show me!!

also saw a buddies emails this weekend of a supposed 230" typical killed this season.......yes 230 net wouldn't that be a world record......

funny thing is the gross was only a few inches bigger and we saw at least 30 inches of deductions........
i think there had been some photo shopping done on it

Holy smokes- those G 3's must be approaching 15 inches with 26 + inch beams-you have to be kidding. Hey bud-I'd be smiling the rest of my life ! Can't wait to see the specifics on the score sheet. I think I've found a new dream buck ! WOW what A HARVEST !! I have buck fever just from the photo !

Michigan Whitetail Nut

Monster right there. One of scores of 200" bucks from the Hawkeye state. When I hunted Iowa in 2005 a 183" typical, a 175" typical, and a 169" typical were all taken in the area I was in in a 5 day span...with archery gear. I was going gaga over bucks that the locals wouldn't even draw on. Iowa's management is set up to produce all those giant bucks. Imagine bowhunting the ENTIRE month of November!!

congradulations on that awesome buck. i dont see why someone has always got to shoot a mans glory down just because you didnt see it doesnt mean it didnt happen

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