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October 01, 2008


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Bow opener here today. Already back at the house, slick-head down. MEAT ON THE TABLE!

Congrats Dirty.

Silver Back. Back home in MD where we hunt over and around Soybean and corn-

Soybean - Great while its green and just after its been picked then becomes active again after the cold rolls in. The combine will leave a bunch of pods and beans behind just as it does with corn.

If you can get ahold of the farmer ask if you can buy a 10 yard wide strip along the edge of the field where the prevailing wind blows out into the field on the down wind side of bedding areas. As they move from bed to the still standing Soybean in November hunt the transition area and get your big buck. Good luck!!

right on Dirty!

I usually don't get deer hitting a picked bean field near as much a picked corn. If you don't have much for corn around that will help. good luck.

Way to nock'em down quick, congrats!!

Consider planting or paying the farmer to no-till drill a fall cover crop along the edge of the woodlot.
Way to go Dirty - I also am enjoy some of that "better eating" venison from an early bow hunt. (sorry Luke still with the high-tech bow)

Good advice Syfert. The beans will be great for a late seson food source, best if they were standing. If you had a tree line with some cover those are great travel routes along the crops. If the tree line divides two difffert crop fields, I would look for a slight dip or low spot in the tree line to set up. The tree line set up lets you hunt two travel routes from the same spot if the tree lin is not too wide. The other spot I like is the inside corner of the crop field furthest from a road. If you have corn, the farmer will always cut the around outside first. If you can hunt the first few days before the inside is cut, this is excellent. Rarley will the deer bed further into the corn field than 10 to 15 in from the outside. These displaced deer will pour into that outside cut section to feed. Ever notice that a the corn field rows change 90 degrees if you walk in 10-15 rows? This is the apron of crops that I'm talking about. Farmers rotate crops (beans to corn)about every 1-3 years.You might ask the farmer about his rotation for next few years. In either case you have to read the sign around the edges to get a feel on how the deer are feeding on that crop a particular year. Also remember heavy rain can delay the cutting for fear of getting combines stuck in the mud. My best scrape lines Ive found are around the edges of the crops just below a an over hanging branch DOWN WIND OF THE CROPS. so the bucks can smell any does bedded in the corn. Ohio is big buck country ! Good luck !

Michigan Whitetail Nut

deer in our area eat soybeans till there arnt any left then swich to corn their is some enzyme that is created in the stomach in later months that isnt their is enough concertration during early season for deer to digest corn i hunt beans till their picked then move to the corn when they get covered in snow deer use corn fields like bedding areas another hunting stradgies u guys could use is if u can leave the middle of a corn field un picked and late season do some drives or nudges their is a differnece its crazy the amonut of deer come to standing corn in the late season :)

Around here the deer will take soybeans over anything all summer, then when the crop matures it gets stiffer to support the longer stem and leaves and whatever makes it get stiffer is not as palitable to deer. In areas with nothing else you will still see deer hitting them but when they can switch crops they do.Taking beans off where I hunt just means the deer will switch to the corn. It sure does change things when they take the corn off though. I see alot more deer in the surrounding woods. I really believe alot of big bucks hole up in the corn fields until they cant anymore. Dont know what to tell ya exept Im sure the deer will still hit the fields a little to round up whats left. The best advise has already been given,offer to buy some of the farmers crop itll be worth it and they will absolutely hammer it come cold and snow. Good luck and keep us informed on how you handle it.

Congrats dirty, It feels awesome to get that out of your system aint it?


Hello Deer!
I see you've got too much experience so thanks for sharing.
God bless

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