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September 20, 2008


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WOW! There is some big bucks out there this year. We could have a new world record taken in the next couple years. Thnaks for the link Chris

That is a true monster. Let's hope some sweet little doe leads him onto some hunting land outside of town.

No hunting zones are unconstitutional...haha

big deer...come on october...


No hunting zone.... What a joke. No high fence - how much of this area is no hunting?

I have lived just outside of Sioux Falls fir over 30 years and sent the original post. The area that the deer lives in is mainly agricultural and also has a few large gravel pits. Some active, some not. The entire area is within the city limits of Sioux Falls. There is no hunting of any kind allowed by law inside city limits. There is well over a dozen square miles that this deer can roam without fear of being legally shot. The only thing he would have to worry about is poachers and traffic. He also has the luxury of having the Big Sioux River in his back yard as well as rich farmland. It is heavily wooded and is also within city limits. He would have to travel several miles to get out of city limits. I know that it is possible for him to leave, but with such a large population of deer and all the food he could ever want, I don't know why he would. I 100% gaurantee that this is a free ranging deer and that there are no high fences what so ever.

SAD NEWS - this buck was poached my an archer this afternoon. The good news is that the GF&P has made and arrest! more comments on the youTube page listed above. the buck lived inside of city limits.

hey....chris your dum this deer isnt poached game fish and parks have confirmed thats its still alive so good luck trying to confirm that it has been killed!!!

I just talked with Game fish and parks (10/2/08) and I guess there is an investigation going on right now. What they stated is it started with a text message and now the person that origanated the text is changing their story. So they did not say if it was poached or not, they are investigating it. You heard any different?

sold the video to KELO?

This deer is dead. i got him

Jim if you did I am happy for you--send me the story and picture for the blog

u stupid i highly doubt u shot that buck

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