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September 02, 2008


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Wisconsin used to sell the antlerless tags like that. They were given out in a lottery type system, I think. Then the leftovers were sold like these in Pennsylvania. I believe they were $10 a doe back in the day. Now Wisconsin can't hardly get enough people to take them for nothing.

I hadn't thought about the price of food and gas driving people to hunt for meat. Generally, I wouldn't think even high food prices could force a non-hunter to take up the sport. Working in a blue collar environment like I do, I have not heard anyone talk about taking up hunting even though co-workers have been talking alot about having to watch what they spend. I do agree about the possibility of an increase in poaching. Or of poachers using that excuse to explain why they did it if caught.

If I add up the cost of guns, bows, camo, treestands, arrows, broadheads, optics, ammo, boots, hats, gloves and all the little widgets and gadgets, venison is probably costing me about $100.00 per pound (minimum). ;)


CT has a very liberal bag limit in the zone I hunt. I figured it out once, and deer meat for me costs about $4-5.00 a pound. About what you'd pay for chopped beef. I didn't include guns, clothes and standard gear (things that last more than 1 season)though, just ammo, transportation, butchering costs, tags etc. When I hunt here in CT, im hunting for meat. Maine is where I go for a bruiser buck, although I haven't connected with one yet. There's always this year :)

LESS BUCK HUNTERS=MORE CARRYOVER. C'mon America, go shoot Mrs. baldy !!!!!!! Here in Michigan we have the same problem. Also the DNR has banned the use of bait in the lower part of the state for this year. This could change the harvest by a lot with all the corn and beans out there. That's okay for me in that I like to find a deer by hunting a pattern. Most bucks killed here over bait piles are 2 1/2 year olds or younger.

Actually here in Pa it seems like people AREN'T buying tags like they used to. 5 years ago most units except the special regulation areas (Pittsburgh and Philly) would have been sold out before now. More and more people just aren't buying tags or are buying them and choosing not to use them. Mismanagement and trigger happy hunters are causing public area deer densities to drastically drop. While areas with high concentrations of posted lands are still very much out of balance with large numbers of deer.

Yeah I think hunting costs me alot more than going and buying meat but the meat is a return for sure. Doug in Michagan I see you guys found CWD in a captive deer :-( I sure hope your DNR handle it better than ours in WI did. It is a mess and landowners are up in arms. They tried to kill all the deer in certain zones and all they did was tick off the landowners and ended up with about the same number of deer they started with. The prion that transmits the disease can last in the soil for 15 years or more so its tough to shake. Good luck!


PA had already begun to produce more mature bucks since Dr. Alt's ideas had been implemented. Watch what happens when more does are killed...

I love playing my part in population control!

I, too, am worried that the current recession will cause all the idiots in E. Texas to turn to even more poaching than is already rampant. For years it was "If it's brown, it's down." Not much of a problem where I'm hunting now but at my last lease it was a problem.

Dean Weimer-Do you live or hunt in PA?
Dr. Alt's plan was a very good one. Kill mature does, allow bucks to get to 2 1/2 years though antler restrictions. However, hunters have gone overboard in many areas. If a doe and 2 yearlings walked by, guess what? 3 dead deer or whatever they can get until the gun is unloaded. I can't tell you how many guys in the past year that have told me about killing a buck last year then they proceed to say "well is was a button buck"

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