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September 25, 2008


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It would definitely make me take a look at the round and check some ballistics before i would make a purchase it.

Mike, what Federal round/grain bullet have you found best for rifle hunting deer?

In a crowded market with a shrinking base you have to do what you have to do.

I personally think the next big thing in sporting ammo is affordable, lead free projectiles for everything from .22 - through .50 caliber muzzleloader bullets and everything in between.


I use federal premium nosler ballistic tips in 165 gr. and love them! I went through alot of dif. loads to find these. They say each rifle has its own load wonder how true that is????

I have always shot Federal rifle ammo. I have shot the Federal Fusion ammo since it came out and I have no complaints. I have a T/C Encore with 270 barrel and the Fusion bullets in 150 grains. Great performance!! Great shot groups!! Great bullet retention!!
I just went to pick some more up and their was a big empty spot on this huge shelf of ammo and they were completely sold out of all Federal Fusion ammo. I did not buy something different either. I will have to go back out and look for them again. Happy hunting.


Interesting stuff. I personally have been turned off by the colorful Fusion boxes of ammo. It just looks cheesy. I'm sure there's absolutely nothing worng with the ammo. In fact, I plan on running some of the Fusion 150 gr. through my .270 WSM as I test new stuff soon. I also plan on running some of the Winchester XP3 in 150 gr. as well.

I thought Winchester had the best marketing I've ever seen when they had the commercials for the Accubond ammo. They showed quick clips of deer dropping in their tracks running, standing etc. Just an excellent use of marketing, I think.

i am a remmington guy guns and ammo but they dont have that great of choice in 270WSM. tryign the xp3 for this season 140 gr or 150 i think.Im pretty sure doug hanback, and i all shot 270WSM right? i love that round.

I know you and I do, Ian, but that Hanback guy probably has too many to rememember. lol.

Yeah, if I remember right, he has one as well. I love it too. Browning A-Bolt for me.

My dad, brother, and I all shoot the federal premiums. I use 150 grain Nosler ballistic tips in my 30-06 and haven't been able to find anything to shoot as accurate. The colors on the box wont make me change what I shoot...its what's in the box that matters...


being a shotgun only state, the only rifle i ever use is the 30/30 for the random coyote...and i used the Hornady LeverEvolution for that...good ammo...

I don't use federal for anything...

Shotgun--Remington/Winchester shot
KO Sabot slugs

i guess im just cheap...

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