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September 24, 2008


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I do the same thing.

I'll deinifitely have to remember that when I'm watching the fields.

i agree that the ingo may be correct that they feed N but not convinced it is magnetic??
we have predominantly NNW winds and the deer usually if not always feed into the wind in the afternoon..... so consequently they are pointed N. in the summer i see them in all directtions...... not sure
the "scientific research" is right on???

Interesting! .....I have one field which the deer mostly enter from the west and southwest and always graze/feed traveling in a northerly direction. Hhmmmm?

And when the big bucks enter the fields from the downwind side , they seem to end up traveling in that same direction.

Can only wonder how they would travel if we blind-folded them?

BTW....who's trail cam pic.!!??

Don't know much about the whole deer sensing poles deal...but, look at the buck in the picture!!!!!

A test for the trail camera's ??? If mounted dead South or North in a feeding area would we see the same pattern at night ? Part of the article mentioned the effect on eye sight ie light intensity. Is it more used at night and is the pattern carried over to the daylight hours ? Very interesting. How about a high powered magnet on the side of my deer decoy ? Could the buck hang around a bit longer ! Very interesting science. Dont steal my idea !!

Michigan whitetail Nut

Interesting. I would have to agree with Flatlander - Prevailing winds for an area might be more of a factor of which way they feed. Anyone that hunts waterfowl knows animals nearly always feed into the wind.

Doug, How large of a magnet do you think it will take? haha!


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