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September 09, 2008


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I can shoot deer outa my house window all day long, just aint huntin though, it's target practice. Gotta be some difficulty and discomfort, right????

Looks like someone had a bunch of extra time on their hands this Summer.


Hell no I would not hunt out of that thing, where has all the dignity and honor in hunting gone. why would anybody build that??
must be in TExas

What do you get when you have rednecks and heavy machinery and spare time? Now we know.

I think this thing came from the Michigan UP. lol
Think i'll stick with my tree stands and 5x5 wood box blind

I'm sorry, and don't mean to offend anyone. The words "trailer trash" came to mind immediately.

In a joking sort of way, mind you...

Yeah, I would be afraid to shoot in that thing, the recoil might just knock it over! But its probably perfect for that redneck that always dreamed of the "Trailer with a View"

I would hunt out of it if there were a lot of big deer around. I just would not tell anyone, much less show it to them. I do have SOME pride.


if that big buck in buffalo county walkes past it within 40 yards during the day durign open season yes i would lol but i would sit anywhere if i knew where that buck roamed dam what a beast of an animal

Twenty bucks says the owner hunts with 30-30 iron sighted lever action. Looks like the gold old boys forgot the most important part....the ladder !!!

Should have left the propane tanks there for heat !!!...thats a laugh. Probably has a hole in the floor so he can shoot straight down on the bait pile too !!!!

Is that Michael Waddell's next shooting house??

I saw him poke a few Texas bucks out of a semi tractor trailer cab on MB video the other day. Could this be his next perch!

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