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September 12, 2008


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I anticipate and so I also point out that the orange spot is not an ear tag, just a light reflection. 2 other photos of the buck clearly show no orange spot. Also, look how much nutrition and growth those drops took off the main frame and top of the rack.

Wow, what a giant!

I'm sure when the hunter got a peek @ these picks he was/is hoping and praying to the deer gods that the buck stays on his pattern.

Best of luck to him/her!


Geesh...my droptine buck just looks obsolete now!

What a munsta. Atleast his lean to is in the right place for now. Think I see a mesquite tree......

If that dont get you pumped I dont know what will! Opens tomorrow here in WI youll find me in a tree dreaming of a buck like this one !!!

heck of a deer guys, good luck, as for me, I have FFA practice right away in the morning on the 27th of sept. Oh well, there is always the evening :(:(

what the heck is in that little enclosure is the question??!!

I'll take a crack at this, lot's of people in the land of mesquite lease their land out to not only hunter's, but also cattlemen. The enclosure is probably to keep the cow's away from the feeder, cause they can sure tear one up.


Best of luck to the hunter on this bad boy.
Those drops are sweet!

Mike, are these pix from one of the bloggers on your site?

Scott, don't know for sure, don't think so, but I wish the guy good luck, see the ladder stand???

That's hog wire, probably for pig's instead of cow's, never the less, it's keeping something out, and allowing the deer to feed.

does that buck look young to anyone? i mean besides the massive rack, it looks yound to me.

Looks like Texas for sure...

Good luck fella!!

Yes, great stand site! Think i would choose my time wisely when sitting in this stand. Make sure the wind conditions are right and everything is good so the buck doesn't spook out of the area.

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