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September 04, 2008


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I've been hunting a 27 acre piece for the last 5 seasons and we've been doing everything you have.

Getting the neighbors on board hasn't been easy. One Amish family in particular subscribes to the "if it's brown it's down" theory of deer management. Buttons, fawns, does, small bucks, big bucks, it doesn't matter. It's all just meat to them.

To combat this, we leave about 5 acres completely alone on the property as a sanctuary for the deer. That way they have a place to escape the pressure.

It's worked pretty well for us. Every year we see @ least a couple of mature bucks. Most we let walk, but we have taken one buck and one doe off the property over the years.

Hunting on a small piece has made me truly realize that deer hunting is different things to different people. For me, I'm trying to take only mature animals. For the Amish family, you can't eat horns and they aren't about to let a big buck walk because he's only 2 1/2 or 3 1/2.

And that's certainly their right to do so.


next spring food plots and a new clear cut are going in on the land i just inherited if we can swing the budget with the whole college thing. being the youngest hunter in both deer camps i go to i cant get over the older guys mentality that brown is down as well then they wonder why they dont get bigger bucks i tell them if you wouldnt have shot him he would have been bigger next year they just cant keep that finger off the trigger on te 1.5 and 2.5 bucks plus becuse my dad and i are the only serious bowhunters we pass the younger ones up during the season and they other guys coem up for opening weekend and blast them to hell god i cant wait till i own my own land entirely then i dont have to put up with the "gunhunter massacre"

there will always be someone that won't want to take their hunting to the next level (where ever it may be) but usually that person isn't willing to work hard enough to get those big ones. they will also not shoot all the little ones, so some will grow up regardless of the neighbors.
every time you pass a young one he has 100% more chance of growing than he did if you had shot...... pretty good odds :)

QDMA is not universally accepted btu through example others will see all the fun we are having and fruits of our labor and more will join the efforts......

after all it's about better resources for us, not just racks........thats a bonus

Flatlander congrats thats impressive and encouraging! I just wanna say that like you I prefer to pass up little bucks and practice QDM and agree with your comment about how everybody does not have to accept QDM. Its a shame when fellow hunters are angry or upset about someone else shooting a little buck. If they are happy with that than you should be as well it is their choice on what to harvest legally and you dont know their situation maybe they need the food or only have so many days to hunt or do not have alot of deer under their belt the list goes on.... I think that if they are happy with their deer than you should be happy for them. They dont have to have the same opinions as you and thats why this hunting is so great! Be thankfull that you have the choice to shoot what YOU want to shoot. Dont get lost in the world of inches and age. Alot of people are very happy with harvesting any deer and they have a right to be happy.

good point Jake, sometimes we get carried away with our goals and tasks........i can't imagine not going after the Giants, but who am i to say what antoher should do.

have a friend who had back surgery last year, Dr.'s said he may never hunt again..... months later he arrowed a small buck....... he's still grinnin' .....
all in perspective

thx guys for keepin it real, don't get upset though if we get on the big buck band wagon......it is a contageous disease :)_

Awesome Flatlander! Looks like you're doing some great things on your property. How does the sorgum do? Never have thought about putting that in? You guys have the right idea IMO. I also let the younger bucks go. I have even gotten my Dad to do the same after a few years of talking about it. He has seen the proof in my trail cam photos of what can happen when the deer are allowed to mature. On the other hand, I also really don't care if someone else chooses to shoot whatever makes them happy. Jake is exactly right. We have no way of knowing what their situation is. Flatlander, tell you buddy congrats. Good for him.

Doug we can't compete with the corn and beans the farmers grow with the best of seed, chemical, fert. etc. so we have been experimenting with everything under the sun.....and Sorghum will be on the land every year now.....i don't see them (deer)eat it alot but they bed in it and follow it like the median in the road ......funnel them all over :) plus it is good for all the birds.... we have pheasant, and in the last few years we have trukeys and woodcock in IL...... who knows maybe some day we'll have black bears too!!! don't laugh in the early 50's nobody sall deer in this region

Hey, we already have bears on our property and we're not northern Wisconsin. Juneau County. Central Wisconsin.

I'll definitely think about the Sorghum for funnels for next year. Thanks for the tip.

Neat Story Flatlander. I enlarged the picture provided and if it was taken on 5/11/08 like it says, then the buck on the right should be a GIANT by now. He still had about 4 months to grow some more bone :)


Hard work pays off. Nice Flatlander...nice work!!

Cody sorry for the wrong date..... that cuddeback has several technical issues.....one of which is it doesn't keep date correct......it loses connection with the battery and throghs out weird dates times.... that was at sunset and was about a month ago..... i wish that whas in May he would be 200" by now ..... still nice deer
but 2 days after the picture he started losing velvet....

i had a demo cuddeback that worked great, this one has lots of issues...... i think i just got a bad one.... i think they have some of these problems worked out with the new style...... we'll see

Its not how big your property is but what you do with the property you have. Great perspectives from everyone. Good luck to all in the coming weeks!


Flatlander, don't be afraid to contact the Cuddeback people if you're having issues with a product.

I can put you in contact with the right person if you'd like.

Contact me at deanweimer43@yahoo.com

Have a good one!

Nice buck there, Flatlander!

Looks like both of us have a dandy
buck to chase this fall. Good luck sir.


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