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September 17, 2008


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very similar to what we hunt here in Central IL.

i would recommend using a piece of combination cattle fence ($16) fold it in half and stake it to the ground makes a half round frame work and then cover in camo burlap ($15)..... will look like a round hay bale and leave it out for the season..... they will get real used to it and may even stop by to check it out.....
easy to bowhunt out of and cheap.....
just cut a small hole to shoot out of and brush in with natural grass a bit.......it is rally just a poor mans pop up blind that they can get use to........ no one will steel it ...... not worth hauling out

I am going to have to blind hunt some this year also as i am sharing a piece of land, and have heard bad things about the guy i am sharing with (he gets to hunt gun, i get bow) so i dont want to put up any stands...

I have found 3 spots that I can put the blind and have it be hardly noticable on the fringe of a bean field next to a big steep hill dropping into a lake...

On the field edge, i have the advantage of a spot where a downed tree will protect me from being sighted from the south, and the angle of the woods makes me invisible from the north until they are out into the field broadside...

In the woods, i found two spots where i can A) keep the blind from being silloueted against an empty spot in the woods, and B) brush in is minimal...

In one spot, I set my blind up, and then moved some down branches around and built kind of a "frame" around where my blind will sit, and from that, i built what just looks like a brush pile around it...when the blind is IN that frame...it really just looks like a pile of brush ready to be burnt...im very happy about that...

good luck dean, you'll figure something out...

Thanks for the advice Mike, and FLat and Trent. After reading the blog I've come to a rather obvious, but overlooked, solution. My farmer friend is a hay farmer (duhhh!!!), so I'm going to make the ol hay blind...provided he'll let me do it. The answer(s) to my question seem very obvious now. I'm a hopeless tree stand hunter, so I've never really ground hunted much with a bow. I'm going to give it a shot. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Thanks again Mike! I should've been able to figure the solution out on my own, but the Big Deer Blog comes through....yet again!!

Dean, Trent and Flat, take some pictures of your blinds when they're all brushed in. I'm sure everyone would love to see how they look.

yes, a hay bale would be awesome. heck Dean, if there are any big round bales you could just stand behind one, glass and step out and shoot a buck when he's looking the ohter way, serious I've killed a couple like that. also if there aren't too many deer and eyes in the field, you can actually "bale hope" from round bale to bale to stalk into range, I know the guys I was with up in Alberta do that, good luck man

I have had great luck just sitting on the ground in a lawn chair. But never very good luck in a blind.

Thanks Mike! Yesterday my farmer buddy baled the hay, and also mowed the Sudan grass I mentioned today. With fresh bales standing around the next couple days, I'm going to talk him into letting me leave some bales in a couple strategic spots. No big round bales, but will cluster some junk rectangular bales in convenient spots. Tonight I stopped in my usual glassing spot (on a highway) and watched the same doe family group exit the corn field, in the same 'ol spot they've been coming out nightly.

Only one buck showed up...a non-shooter; of course, the bigs aren't showing up anymore. But, part of that is the moon phase right now.

Deer season has once again snuck up on me (and many of you...I'm sure...as always), but preparation is always the key. And, so much fun as well. I've been busy catching up on all my hunting chores: washing clothes and boots, etc., prepping (and purchasing new) stands, finishing up food plots (just sowed Buck Forage Oats around our soybean plot on Mon. night, shooting the bow, and just plain getting ready.

I've seen several bucks in bone the last couple nights and it's always such a cool sight to see. All summer we watch the red coats and fuzzy "horns", but not any longer. Sleek gray coats, light, velvet free antlers...makes a fella darn proud to be blessed enough to go after these majestic creatures.

I sure thank God for living in America and being able to pursue such an awesome creature and life here in the Land of the Free.

Mike, I salute you and your blog. Guys like you have always given us regular Joes someone to look upto and admire. I'm fortunate to be an Outdoor Writer, and I have plenty of friends that I've met through the industry. It's truly awesome to be a part of this all.

God Bless all the whitetail nuts out there!! We are on the cusp of greatness now everyone.

Couldn't agree more Dean...great place here...

the best way to do it is more or less just after the season is over set it up and leave it there if u can just to let the deer get used to it.

I had this same problem in NY in 1991 and decided to do something about it. The deer would be in the field most of the day at least 30 at a time. We called it the deer farm because of the size of the herd. I built a round bale of hay blind and it was amazing how the deer used the bale to cross the field as a detour. Hunting from the bale with a gun is way too easy, I love bow hunting mostly anyways so it works great for me. My kids would acually sleep in it until the deer came when they were little and its easy to use a battery operated heater in the bale to keep warm. My wife likes it because she can move around and not be seen. Take a look at my website if you want to at: www.scottsrealbaleblinds.com. This is the original Real Bale Blind every designed. I registered it in NY in 1991 before anyone ever thought of making a plastic verision. The plastic type have problems with noise from the rain and smell etc. This is made of real Straw and it is so real looking it is scary. Good luck - I really enjoyed reading the stories.

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