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September 11, 2008


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Hmmm... I'll have to try that. I keep it simpler still... pick a spot and shoot it :) update... I ended up killing 3 does last year, one with a x-bow (sorry guys, I fell off of a grain cart-15 feet on my arm) and 2 with a Marting Bengal. Last year I shot GoldTip 5575s, this year, FMJ 400s. I am shooting the Undertakers, Crimson Cudas, and NAP spitfires... hoping to get some hunts on Video this year, look for Dawn2Dusk videos coming out in the spring

look us up on MySpace.

BTW... I am shooting a Mathews Outback and that thing is QUIET!!!!

Mike, you ever need a do it yourself column, you let me know, I made the STS on the end of my bow :)

alright y'all, take er easy

BTW we need to remember those Fallen on this day 7 years ago, and all those fallen in the war since. They're fighting the good fight

Good stuff, Mike. Definitely something to remember. If I ever get to draw back on a deer again, I'll think of PBW;)

Amen to that, Miller.

We had a moment of silence at work today and I had to fight the urge to smack some moron who couldn't stop talking during it. Some will never get it.

I've been thinking about taking up bow hunting and I'll keep your advice in mind.

hey doug, long time no hear

Pick the spot...center the peep...make the shot!!! Dead deer!

Hey Miller. Good to see you back. Hope all is well for you.

Anyone getting out this weekend? Archery started here this morning but I'm at work. Can't seem to turn down overtime. I was going to head out this afternoon but it sounds like lots of rain all day. 3-4 inches. More of the same tomorrow. I'll get up there next weekend for sure...

I got out this weekend. I shot a really nice eight pointer that we tracked for 3 1/2 hours in the dark but couldn't find. He jumped the string just enough at 30 yards to make the shot about four inches high. I was pretty dissapointed but it was the first day of the season. A lot more to come!

P.S. My dad also missed a doe and my friend drew on a doe but had it bust him. So it was a pretty good opening day. Well, at least action filled.

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