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September 19, 2008


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still having to wait til oct. in va, killing me man!

Not quite yet. It opens here in Texas next Saturday Sept. 27th. I am headed out to the lease to throw out some bad apples from the local farmers market and get a hot fence around a new food plot this weekend. I will post on any activity, scrapes or rubs on Monday.


don3 right on!

I know what ya mean Joel!! OCt 4th, can't wait for it...will the new EAB affect you at all?

Mike, thanks for the shirt. Really appreciate it. Showed it to my girlfriend a few minutes ago and she said,"Oh thats fun!! I want one!!!!"


Season opens Oct 1. Have to spend this weekend checking stands due to the wind storm (Ike) that came through on Sunday afternoon and tore trees down everywhere!

Let you know what I see (as far as deer and/or sign) on Sunday or Monday.


Man! just waiting for Oct. 1st here too. Just got back from our property this afternoon and i am pumped up! Lots of good deer sign, big tracks, good trails and found another fresh scrape. Same place they were scraping last fall. Think we have stands set up in some good spots again. Seems to be great deer sign at every spot, i guess thats why we have them there right. Hard to tell what spots will be better than others until we put some time in, a lot of corn around this year but i feel we have them in good places. Moved my game cam to a nice trail with BIG tracks, think i might get some pix of a nice buck! Cant wait!

I'll be out tomorrow evening. Sounds like high of 80 degrees. Got a spot picked out that's a staging area for the deer coming into the corn. The corn only grows about knee high there and the deer love to loiter around there at dusk before heading out to eat.

I have to work first. OT that I work now lets me be off when the rut is going. Also have to set up and brush a tripod blind my Dad bought. It'll be perfect for the swamp where we have no trees to hang a stand.

Good luck everyone that'll be out.

Have been hunting since the beginning of september up here in manitoba i have failed 2 stocks but i keep getting closer and closer to the big boy just other animals that spook the deer they havent been spooked by me yet so hopefully all get him tomorrow night

Just came in from hunting all day. Had a few does under the stand at first light but all in all it was a slow day. While the acorns are starting to drop, the deer are not keying in on them yet. My guess it will be another two weeks. I'll be out again all day tomorrow and will report back then..

I love it! We aren't even to October and many of the guys are already hunting! I've hunted since I was 7-8 with my dad and I've always gotten excited around October. Here I am in Indiana for the first time in my life - no one to hunt with - no land that I know of - and I am concerned with how much I'll be able to hunt and guys are already spending time in the tree! God Bless America!
Oh, and I have a 3-week old at home! My 2yr old, Hunter, doesn't know what hit him!
So if any of you are from Central Indiana and want to hook up with a good hunter, please feel welcome to let me know...bdoak72@yahoo.com


dad had a 6 point @ 12 yrds tonight watched him make two scrpaes and a rub its a little early but there are alot more bucks this year with the EAB savign a bunch last year just though id report the news i work all weekend so no hunting for this college student :(

Here in central Missouri, I've been out twice and haven't seen a deer or any good rubs/scrapes. I have seen turkeys both times and if they get any closer I'll be glad to take one of those home!

I'm punching out and going hunting. Good luck to anyone going out.

College Football Saturday here. It's 80 and super hot here. Won't be going to the woods today...

Doug Good Luck ! Gotta work that OT for the rut I here ya on that one! No hunting for me yet today 80 degrees :-( Went and scouted 20 acres i got permission to hunt this afternoon. Still debating on tonight. Tommorrow Ill be out there for sure its supposed to cool down a little. Doug or any of you other Wisconsinites want to keep in touch my email is goosedxt@new.rr.com
Good luck to all.

Brian, Where are you in Indiana? Let me know where and perhaps there is some decent public hunting there.


I was out last weekend (I had to work this weekend). I saw three bucks two does and two fawns. I shot and wounded a really nice eight pointer but we couldn't find him. My dad was out today and saw four does. Missed one. Hopefully I'll get out for an evening this week sometime. I can't wait to get my liscense! Only three weeks! In time for the rut. =]

Jake, I'll take you up on that sometime.

Nothing for me last night but it was awesome to knock the rust off and climb into a stand. Does anyone else forget things the first time out? I climbed into my stand and realized that I had forgotten my harness. Crap! After a stupiid moment or two of thinking about hunting without it, I did climb back down and go get it though.

Got a couple of great bucks on the cameras (and one bear). Looks like one of the biggest bucks from last last year made it another year. I caught him out just past shooting time. Bodes well for the rut if he's out this early already.

Hey, Don3 the Texican, our season starts the same day as yours, 'cept were in Ohio... best of luck my friend, best of luck. BTW went out behind the barn the other night to pellet gun some dirt dogs... seen movement, 125"er just lollygagging out in the field... 35 yards in front of my stand. I can already taste backstraps friends

Went out on Friday morning before work and shot a doe at 20 yards. Next morning went back out and shot a second doe at 15 yards. Donated deer #2 to a local food bank. So far I've seen two four pointers and a nice six pointer, but haven't come across the big 8's I know are walking around there.

Good job, Marc! Nice to see you giving to the local food pantry. They get used a ton in the county our property is located. Good luck chasing the big boys.

Have to wait till Oct 4 to start in Va. Went Sund to check on my stand location bc I've never hunted that part of the property before. Little disappointed when I got there because it didn't look like much of anything was using any of the trails around my stand. Followed the creek downstream a little ways and found a pear tree. Started to grin as my brother started seeing some rubs and scrapes on nearby trails. THe deer have been eating every pear thats dropped and they have worn the grass and undergrowth down to bear dirt on the trails. Started to follow two seperate one and my brother found a rub on a tree about 6 inches in diameter if not bigger. Tree was tore all to pieces, from the gound up to almost 3 feet. Plenty of decent sized rubs too. Found 4 BIG deer beds on the same trail and found a nice poplar about 18 yds from the trail to put my climber in. ALso found a big pile of bear scat within twenty yards of that tree. Got pretty exciterd over that b/c ive never seen a bear in the woods and would be awesome to kill one imo. Saw a really big 6 which had shed all velvet and some smaller ones on the property...can't wait. Hunting that rubline in the mornings and the pear tree in the evenings...

Went down to NC to see my girlfriend at college fri night and just north of riedsville nc saw a GIANT standing in a field next to 29. Pulled off the road as quick as I safely could and ran back up there. THought he had several drops at first but it turned out to be velvet..GIANT 10 pointer. Standing on the side of 29 with cars and trucks going by at 70+mph shaking with buck fever lol...been seeing some big ones around home that have shed already and have seen two small forkhorns at work sparring aobut every afternoon..Won't be long boys!!


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