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September 29, 2008


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Wow! What a cool monster buck. He's almost perfectly balanced even with the drops and double brows!

Wow looks like those crab claws out front come together. A flower eating deer from the burbs ! !

Well heck, Im from Jersey, born in Newark. Lived there for probably 24 yrs I think. Lived in Fla now for about 28 yrs. One thing about new jersey that I miss tremendously was there was always a season open for hunting all year round. You could hunt deer, pheasant, rabbit, quail, geese, ducks, woodcock, and more! There is definately lots of great deer in Jersey and lots of em. It doesnt make a difference if you hunt north Jersey or south Jersey the potential is just as good. ive hunted places in the north such as Hunterdon county, Bloomsbury and Asbury, and southern places like Lakehurst and Wall township. Theres lots of beautiful country there with a lot of farmland to grow some biggens! Congrats on that beautiful buck.

well opening weekend is over, no deer, but I did get a shot... daggone limbs!!! 30 yards away at a broadside doe. Lost the arrow... 400 FMJ and a Undertaker. theres 18 bucks right there !!! I missed her clean, so thats good. how about everyone else?

Not sure who's the bigger stud in that photo-the buck or the hunter! Awesome!

Cool looking buck right there!! Just moved to Jersey a couple months ago (South Ocean County). Maybe I should do some scouting :)

Those bases look kinda crazy too or is it just me?


Very unique looking rack on that buck!

New Jersey has some awesome bucks....Since quality property is very scarce, the constantly successful guys do not enter their big bucks in the state records. I would say that for every big buck you read about, there are 5-7 more that you dont hear about. Also, other hunters are very jealous and make up stories, which bring the CO's sniffing around chasing rumors.

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