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September 18, 2008


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All the bucks here in Tennessee have shed out and are starting to break out of their bachelor groups. The big bucks are already by theirselves. I've found some huge rubs already this year and have seen four really good bucks by Tennessee standards (130 inch bucks). Gased up about the bow opener next weekend. Im hoping to let my old Bowtech 101st eat!!!!! Good luck guys!

nolan, right on and thanks, good luck!

I am in North Texas and I saw a small 10 out of velvet on Sunday 9-14-08. He was out of velvet and was with two does. I have not seen any rubs yet but I know they are there because all of the bucks are out of velvet for the last week to 10 days now.
It would be nice to have a moon phase, sunrise sunset times and weather links somewhere on the new site as well. I look forward to seeing your new creation.


thanks, will have daily moon phases on the site, will look into sun times, good idea

Is there a special drop-tine section?

Dirty here, in south central L.A. ( south central lower Arkansas), Have seen alot of scrub buck's that havent shed yet, found some HUGE rub's, and saw one HOSS, so the big boy's are out of velvet from what I've seen. As far as group's go, I think every deer with any class is on his on here.

definitely a dedicated photo gallery of drops will be built!!

This from Ablerta northwest: Most velvet is gone, both mule deer and whitetails. as early as Sept. 3 I saw two whitetail bucks sparring with hards horns, they are getting ready, the rut comes hard and fast up here, will be cold as hell in a hurry!

Awesom site can't wait, looks great

Summary from Central Il.
i've seen more big bucks this summer than ever and even had a few patterned but the flooding has changed some of those patterns and the bucks have seem to gone underground while they shed velvet
(not untypical for Sept.).
the does are consistent to some extent and no rubs by the bucks yet but hopes are high and with good reason.....
shoot be some whoppers shot round here this year again

thx again Mike for the time you've put in on this new site..... should be a great tool for fall and source of entertainment

New blog looks good! I'm excited to see all the new features.

Western, NE (Midwest Region) Report:

• I think it is going to be a medium rack year. I have pics of four different bruisers, but at the same time, I have 11 different dink spikes, fork's, 3x3's, 4x4's and two 5x4's.

•Bucks are still grouped up and are predominantly feeding in the early morning hours. Almost all of my pictures of the four big bucks I have are between 11:00PM and 4:45AM. However, they're are starting to change. Did catch a nice buck at 7:27AM, the day before the full moon. So I guess things could be changing.

•Have quiet of few pictures of a bachelor group of 4 bucks that are running together all over the property. Have pictures of them all day long. They are still hitting the food plot late into the night like the big bruisers as well. They are mostly feeding of my property. I have alfalfa on one side, soy beans on the other and corn on the other two. I have the water source and bedding area, but I'm assuming they are leaving to go feed and come back to bed.

•Actually still had 3 bucks still in velvet as of last Sunday when I pulled my cards. I would imagine that it is gone by now. We have had mid 80°'s all week long.

•No rubs or scrapes as of yet, but I would imagine within the next few weeks I should find some. With three large bucks all hanging around a one mile radius...surely the action should heat up quickly.

•I didn't get to see it, but my buddy who hunts 45mins north of me, had 3 bucks that were going at it all night, not very aggressively, in the food plot he was hunting.

•Heading out tonight, will update what I can tomorrow.

Mike, awesome page you got going, can't wait. I am still seeing a few run together, saw 2 nice ones in my food plot the other night. Cool nights in our area are getting them stirring!!!!

NE Montana, Upper West

Starting to see the big bodied, massive horned older bucks (5 1/2 years +) during the daylight hours now. Starting to feed up to 2 1/2 hours before light. Haven't seen a buck in velvet for 6 days. Best horn year on the Milk in 7 years (last hard bout of EHD was 2001). Had a good, wet spring, horns had all they needed to grow. Very dry now and hot, but cold front moving in next week. Lots of activity in the fields early right now. Patterns starting to change as we transition towards that early October stage of more roving and lesser interest in feeding source with more emphasis on territory. A couple of rains a few weeks back has the volunteer crops growing extremely well in the farmers stubble fields right now, a huge advantage and seems to be more appealling than both ripening corn and lush 3rd cutting alfalfa. Hunt the edges of the stubble right now, any heavy trail will be hot and odds of getting a crack at a shooter with ample shooting light is good. Started seeing both rubs and scrapes last week, and even had a knock down, drag out lock up as far back as the 8th of Sept. Lots of bachelor groups yet, but majority of the mature deer are keeping thier space from the bulk of the population during feeding but still using the same game trails as their peers, just a bit later. If you kill one this week, get it cleaned quick, not cooling off till late weekend. Also, A good midday (10:00-2:00) hunt would be a waterhole or favorit sandbank on the river to hunt when they come to water during the heat....Oh, buys some doe tags, they taste great right now and we need to take some!

Thanks Luke let's smash a couple of them next week brother!!

All bucks have shed their velvet. Been seeing bucks on the accorns (my buddy got that nice split brow on Accorns). Feeding has been later in the morning - around 8:30 with little to no first light movement. Evening movement has been around 4pm till dark. Bunches of small rubs in the saplings between the CRP field and the pond in the bottom. Havnt noticed any scrapes yet. Bucks are still in their summer social groups. New site is looking Great Mike, I am excited! Dave

September 18, 2008: From Logansport IN, just saw on the front page of the paper where 2 decent bucks got locked and died--6 weeks prior to the rut when most bucks fight. This no doubt was a heirarchial sparring match that tunred into chaos/tradegy when the bucks got locked, went wild and fought to the death. Does it go the state of the rut? Probably not, but once they have the velvet off, those hard-horned bucks are full of p--- and vinegar!

Deer Update-Missouri Ozark Region. Trail cam shows numerous 8+pt bucks, more than usual. They are in the clover fields, mainly under the cover of darkness. Lots of rubs and scrapes near and around these fields. White oak acorns are hitting the ground, soon the post oak acorns will follow. Hoping to see more mature bucks this year. Take care and good luck.

Mike you beat me to those deer in logansport that got locked up...seemed awfully early to me...

NE Indiana update...I haven't seen a velvet buck since sept 5th, nor have i seen any bachelor groups in that time, while the deer are still picking through the bean fields some, i am seeing them transition to clover and other browse, dry summer here in indiana, and today, i saw 3 different guys shelling corn already, VERY few crops are going to be left in this part of the country come hunting season.

In my area i have seen very little scrapeing or rubbing started, but admitedly, have tried to minimize my intrusion the last couple of weeks.

My suspicion is that the dry summer led to a shorter mast season also, and that some of the acorns are starting to drop, as i have said, deer activity in the fields has tapered off, but i have no oak trees in my spots to check by, but i do know the hickory nuts are a few weeks ahead of schedule...so for whatever thats worth, thats what i am seeing.

BTW, new layout looks great Mike, can't wait to see it up and running. You have a great thing going here, and I know I speak for all of your regulars when I thank you again for what you do. You don't talk AT us, you talk TO us. Great place, great people here.

Things are looking good here in Southern Illinois! Most trail cam pics are showing hard racks. Corn is being shelled and the big bucks seem to be changing their patterns a little. I have noticed that most bachelor groups are breaking up. Only thing that needs to happen here - Oct. 1st! Got my eye on a drip tine Mike! Got some good video footage of him over the summer. If his pattern stays the same and luck is on my side, I will send you a pic. Good luck to everyone! New blog looks awesome Mike! Can't wait!


Mike, nice looking page! cant wait for the site. Here in WI the season has been open for 6 days. Ive gone into a tree 4 times so far the most recent was Monday. Warmed up here into the high 70s so Ive been backing off a little. Ive seen lots of does and small 1.5s out in soybeans. The beans are turning yellow and they are still hammering them. Sat in a oak tree Monday that made it sound like it was raining out and every deer that came on that side of the field came and had there share of acorns. The bigger bucks seem to be moving later now after they shed. Still seeing small groups of 1.5s together 3 in a group. Havent seen a shooter on stand yet but did get some nice pics and they all are at 2 or 3 in a.m. Little late I thought normally its not to laong after dark or right before sunrise???? Got a full moon so dont know if that has a effect on it? Havnt really heard of bucks being shot yet but its earn a buck this year so that might effect some people. Im looking forward to the next little cold front that comes in. Havent seen much for sign but I know they are there because of pics. Have heard of some people seeing some light sparring but I cant say that myself. The 1.5's Ive seen are mingling with the does and fawns. Am seeing alot of twins and even some triplets this year! What about you other Wisconsinites???????

Mike, here in Michigan we have been spotting quite a few bucks. The size of racks seems to be up this year from what we have spotted and friends have spotted. They all have seem to shed the velvet a couple weeks ago. Most of the bucks are by themselves with some in bachelor groops. We found a couple of rubs and even a couple of early scrapes. My uncle has been seeing a 9pt that is hanging out with a group of does alomst every day or so. The buck has been bothering the does a little, sniffing around some untill they get sick of it. Should have some better input first week of Oct.

Looking forward to the new blog, sounds great! I'll have to pick me up some Big Deer Gear. Good luck men!

Still seeing bucks in groups here in northern NY (Canadian border north). About 1/2 and 1/2 with regard to velvet. Starting to see some scrapes at hunting camp in Adirondack foothills.

Have seen a ton of big bucks this summer here in central va. I see the same two big 8's every day at work but don't have permission to hunt and they are two BIG 8's. Haven't seen nay large bucks the last couple of weeks and I guess thats because the bachelor groups are breaking up. THe smaller bucks I've seen have still had some if not all of the velvet still on. Am going to try to ride out to our hunting ground this weekend and check on my stand and look for some rubs. Will let you know Mike.


Should say too that as for the last 4 or 5 years, I have seen way more and nicer bucks, than ever before in the summer time....


necbone you da man, smash the drop send me the pic. also will have more video capability on the new site for ya

Mike, I'm having trouble posting comments, i click post and it brings me back here with my post not up...

Like the new look Mike. Can't wait to see the whole deal in motion.


Same thing as Trent hit post and get no post.

Mike, Somthings is missing on the new blog page and I know what it is. Where the heck is the drop tine on that cool skull logo.

Thought i posted something earlier but it didn't go threw, just in case i repeet myself.

here in Michigan most of the bucks have shed there velvet a couple of weeks ago. We found a couple of rubs last week and even a couple of early scrapes. Some bucks in bachelor groups, some by themselves. The bucks we have been seeing this year look bigger than the last couple years. My uncle has been seeing a 9pt every day or so with a group of does. He likes to bother them some with a few sniffs untill they get sick of it. We have spotted a couple of nice bucks we are hoping to get a opportunity to take, should have some better imput the first week of Oct.

The new blog looks great, i'll have to get me some Big Deer Gear! Great job Mike & good luck boys!!

The archery season has been open for 6 days now here in Wisconsin. Ive sat 4 times and seen a total of 25 deer all does and 1.5s.They are still hitting the beans hard even though they are now yellow. Monday I sat in an oak tree that made it sound like it was raining out and all the deer that came out on that side of the soybean field stopped there first to munch on acorns. All the 1.5s were hardhorned and mingling with the does. Didnt see any 2.5s or shooters. Still getting pics of them though but its at 3 in the a.m. Ever since they shed velevet the pictures have been getting later and later. Dont think its because of pressure as I only hunted this land 1 time and I didnt spook anything and the wind was good. The big guys in the pics are hardhorned as well and by themselves. The 1.5s were still in groups of threes. Got pics of bucks working a licking branch but no scraping. Im hopeing the full moon is why they are moving so late??? It sure is nice to be out there again. Havent seen any sparring yet but have talked to people that have. have not heard of alot of bucks been taken yet but its earn a buck around here so Im sure that has some effect. Had a warm front come in tuesday so Im giving it a break until it gets a little cooler hopefully this weekend and next week!

Glassing every evening now. Haven't seen any of the Bigs the last few evenings, but am seeing some good bucks...all clean, of course. Indiana is poised to have a fantastic year if what I've seen here in the NE corner is any indication. I firmly believe that Indiana will cough up a giant typical real soon that will get the whitetail world churned up. None of our state records are safe any longer.

Got the Hoyt dialed in rock solid. Went to the spot I talked about yesterday (earlier this afternoon) and made several mock scrapes--and juiced up a real scrape. I've got the Cuddeback set up on one of the scrapes (the one with scrape dripper overhead). I use Mrs. Doe Pee's Continuous Scrape Set for these mocks I make. Sam and Judi's products (or, rather, their deers' "products") are excellent.

Will keep Hanback and Co. informed on Indiana, and elsewhere!!!

Rock and Roll everyone!!!!

Crops coming down way early here in NE Indiana, 3 corn fields and a bean field with combines in them today...

havent seen velvet since sept 5

deer are still in the beans some, but they are moving into clover fields more, and i think some of the mast trees are throwing browse early givin then dry year also...

looks to be a good year though...

Central Wisconsin - We had a great wet (almost too wet) summer and the racks have benefited from it. Trail cams haven't showed any of the big boys yet but I have one 2 1/2 year old that is a fantastic 9 point. Really should be something in a couple of years. Haven't checkd my cameras for two weeks. I'll be hunting tomorrow trying to shoot a doe or two for the freezer and to qualify for my buck tag. I'll check my cameras then. It's gonna be HOT (80 degrees). Acorns are dropping like crazy so I'm assuming the deer are off the corn a little even though it's still up.

The new site looks awesome, Mike! Can't wait to see it up and running. Are you going to have moon rise and set times as well as the phases? Good luck everyone. Jake, knock one down, brother.

I was out last saturday here in south east MN. I saw two small bucks together, one was in velvet. The one mature buck I saw was a nice eight. He was hard horned and alone (I promptly shot, wounded, and never found him). Found one big scrape and a few rubs. All the deer I saw were either in or going to the bean field.

Central Wisconsin -

Finally got a chance to do some scouting (and hunting). Looks like the bucks are all hard horned and the bachelor groups are all broke up. Still seeing fawns with some spots. Seems kinda late for that.
I saw only one rub and no scrapes. Still some nocturnal bucks but one big boy was out cruising just at the end of shooting time. Getting close.

New site sounds great, can't wait to take a look. Here in the Blue Rigde mountains of VA, I was seeing several really nice groups of bachelor bucks most of the summer, (7 and 10 pointers, with 16+ spreads) but bachelor groups have been broken up now. Have seen a few rubbing trees in the woods. Trail cam pictures only seeing does and yearling the last 2 weeks. Last 2 days I have seen 1 lone buck in food plots with the does in the evenings around dark. Velvet is off everthing I am seeing.

Here in southern Ontario, Simcoe County, evidence from trail cams for the week of Sept. 15 - 20 indicated that the bucks are still in bachelor groups and a six pointer was still in velvet. There is a very good crop of acorns this year and right now the deer are hitting the bean fields.
Your new site looks great Mike.
- tracer

im hunting in northern minnesota and i have not seen any rubs yet and not many bucks...im wondering what anyone thinks that could help increase my chance of getting a buck this year or even to get some moving around my property...or could they be there and im missing something?

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