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September 08, 2008


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definitely a dandy, but i think mike is right on, he will gross way up there, but to actually become the new world record typical, unlikely.

notice in the F&S write-up. outfitter's name and phone number. i'm guessing he wants a bidding war on that sucker.

I really doubt he'd beat the Hanson buck. He looks like he has more than a few deductions. Better as a non-typical. 240" though? Doesn;t look like it to me. But, I'm much better judging 120" bucks. Ha-ha.

I don't know about a bidding war. I think these guys are sold out for spots waaayy in advance. Now, for guys in camp bidding to get a stand close by...never know. I've never rolled with well heeled hunters. Big Daddy, any experience with that kind of thing?

I wouldn't have said a word about this deers existence (much less posted video worldwide of it) until it was on the ground, dead, with a tag on it.

I'd say the traffic around these properties has picked up a bit (to say the least) and I'm sure there is a poacher or two with designs on killing this deer and claiming it was killed legally somewhere else.

Money and fame make people do stupid things.


Jim, that is right on--the less people know about a big deer the better in my book. notice that when i psot a big one, trail cam or whatever, i NEVER give a specific location, usually not even a state

Breathtaking is the word on that one!!

Reminds me of the Lovstuen ordeal.

I thought about this for a while and maybe they do have some openings to fill? I can't think of many other reason to make that video public.
I agree with you all. There is no way I would post that video. I doubt I would even show many friends. Like you guys said, huge bucks will make people do some strange things.

Wow! World class buck right there, what a freak!! As big as he is i don't think he will net higher than the Hanson buck, hard to tell from the video but oi dont think so.

Im with Jim and the rest of you, now way in hell would i be telling people about this deer, never the less putting video out on him. Sounds kind of funny to me.?

I heard this is the buck that Mitch Rompola is hunting this year! lol

OK bad joke. :)

no Scott, good one!!

Ooooooh, good one, Scott! Burn.

What A buck!

Cats out of the bag on this buck......
it will be pestered to death , by all means known to mankind. Hope the deer has some quality life left b/4 the season rolls around.

Man, it's so doggone hard to get a buck to net 200". This one may but it'll be tough to top the Hanson buck.

I agree with all of you 100% about posting that video. I would've shared it with my family and closest hunting buddies ('cause I can trust them) and no one else. I'm anxious to see what happens with that big guy. If he's killed, I hope it's legally and ethically.


I agree with the consensus of not posting the video. It is a win/win for the outfitter though. If they had a spot open for this season, it was just filled. If they were full this year, they have just marketed/advertised their way into a 5 year season sell out. You have to believe those genes have been passed along at some point and are still in there area of the outfitter.

Unbelievable. Some you just bring the rifle up and pull the trigger...this is one of those. Never seen a deer that big that wasn't fenced. World record...who cares? I would hazard a guess that that buck is bigger than anyone on this blog has ever seen. Right or wrong, boys?

Rodger, yes, def a lot bigger than anything I've ever seen!

Rodger, good point. Much bigger than anything I've seen. WR or not it will make the buck of a lifetime for some lucky hunter.

CSOUTDOORS, actually the first thing I thought of. There is no other reason to release that video than to advertise their operation. Idk much about how the outfitting works, but if the outfitters get tags, I'm really surprised they wouldnt hunt that deer themselves. Advertise photos and even video of the deer on all the hunting channels on tv and the internet and talk about the gene pool in their herd, they be booked for the next decade...


He'll net out.

I'd lay a bet that buck will disappear before it gets killed by a hunter. It looks close to Milo's record, eh. I've been lucky enough to see one that big while hunting, guess I should play the lottery!

Who wouldn't go for it if they had the chance?

Great Buck. Not wise to post a video, and location. But if your in the outfitter business it is great way to fill your stands..Just hope someone from the area kills it, and not some richy that doesn't really hunt, but has the bucks to pay for the trophy...

ben, good post!

Great deer I hope it is the new world record so we can bring it back to wisconsin.The title of having the world record deer again.

Deer has been taken by a co-workers nephew who is from here in Eau Claire, WI. Turned out to be a non-typical.

This one's for real. The deer was indeed taken, with a bow. He appears to be typical after all, which makes him a contender for the record. The story will be in the news tomorrow, so watch the Eau Claire Leader Telegram. The best part is that the guy who shot him has been hunting this area for years before the video ever surfaced.

Dave and Mondovi: URGENT, please if you know this hunter or know somebody who knows him, please try to get him to contact me so I might do a TV segement on his buck for my new show on VERSUS to air summer 2009; my email is mikehanback@yahoo.com.

also note that i have updated and expanded this blog and the new address is mikehanback.com, i have a new post on this WI buck up now, thanks!!

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