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September 18, 2008


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Not many choices really. They look like real antlers, you can even see on the edges of the tines where animals most likely a porcupine has been nawing on it. I've found a lot of moosesheds in Maine that have marks like that, but definately not your typical moose antlers.

Historically, and as recently as the 70's with re-introduction Maine has had woodland caribou. But that doesn't even match. As an aside, they were re-introduced in the Baxter State Park area, and all have since died from disease. I think the last one died in 1980 or something like that.

That leaves deer. As far as body size, a northern Maine deer will rival the biggest Saskatchewan buck for size. If they are deer antlers, those are some awesome brow tines! And I wouldn't mind running into some of his descendants :)

Anybody raising exotic deer in the area........looks like one of those
P'ere David's deer......more and more
ranches are having those crazy looking things????

pretty wierd

there may just be an elk out there thats what they look like to me some shed up the the big woods soemtimes dont get eaten for years ya never now we had cougers here in milwaukee county wisconsin lol

Ian if you read this I am anxiously awaiting a picture of you with a dead deer atop that hybrid. doe or buck it doesn't matter, it will be priceless and a sign of the times. there is some free gear and stuff in it for you buddy!

I dunno, Mike ... My money's still on a caribou of some kind... That's what I thought of when I first saw them ...

my guess would be a sika deer or a tule elk

I will have to go with ELK. Even though there are likely no elk in your area they may be very old. A friend of mine found an elk shed a few years back in a riverbed in an area that elk have not been in for over 100 years. If dropped in the right place they could stay there for a very long time. Elk were basically found nationwide before us europeans and agriculture took over...

Definately ELK antlers. I would be curious to know how old they are!?!?!

Definately Elk antlers. It would be interesting to know how old they are.


No idea...

I forgot to mention it but there is a bullet hole in the black spot on the right antler.

Also there are no 'farms' that have been here over a 3 years. But the antlers have been there for a long time so it couldn't have come from there.

I forgot to mention that there is a bullet hole in the black spot on the right antler.

And there are no 'deer farms' that have been around for more than 3 years and these seem to be much older.

I forgot to mention that there is a bullet hole in the black spot in the right antler.

And there is no 'deer farms' that have been here for over 3 years so im not sure.

HANBACK with school and two jobs i only got out for openin weekend so far i passed a 45 yrd shot on a doe @ last light sunday she was next to a thick swamp and i could barly see my pin so i drew down plus thats a long shot at any time of the day i will defintaly send you a pict if i get one i usually do lol oh and that free stuff offer colege students favorite words lol

I would have to say elk or a massive sika

If they are cut on the bottom I would guess that they are from someones elk mount that was thrown out after the owner passed on the the great hunting ground in the sky. Unfortunately as much as we love our mounts, most of our spouses and/or children don't value them as we do and they get thrown in a garage or dump.

Look like human feet to me!! ;)

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