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September 05, 2008


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I hope they never get a real foothold here in Indiana...thats probably pissin' in the wind, but oh well...

Just yesterday some ignorant joker posted on an Indiana forum that he "didn't see the downside to feral hogs"...

some people just dont get it...they just want something else to fling lead or arrows at...


the south can keep em...

Amen Trent!

Hey Dirty , my folks live in Hots Springs.
When I'm in town to visit , can I stop by and sling some arrows at them "thar peegz"?!
600 pounds...heck ya!


OMG...that's Big Red!!! Bubba....why did ya kill the Razorback mascot?!!!!!!!!! heheheheeeee GO HOGS GO!! ;o)

We got more swine than Carter's got liver pill's, not a good thing. Eric, come kill all you want. The hog's on state land here are "professionally exstracted", in other word's you cant dog hunt them, you cant bait, and you can only trap if your assigned, and iicened by the state. We got more than our fare share.Come one, come all!


Here in Pa so many hunters are disgruntled with the PGC's deer management program many grassroots hunter orgs are going undercover to collect $ for stocking hogs in areas they have been hunting for deer...I guess they're so fed up not seeing deer they just want something to hunt...ANYTHING.
I'm not saying I agree with them but I can understand their disappointment in not having numbers of deer to see.


Dirty.....I'll be down in Jan/Feb, I'll look
you up.

Hey Big Daddy , what part of PA are in??
I spent my high school days just north of Scranton.....dang, seems like all us bloggers are near and far neighbors!

Eric..........sound's good, hour and a half south of hot strings.

Shot one 5 years ago that went 225#. Short, fat sow. Good eatin'. A guy on our lease shot a gray boar that went 235#. Big nasty. We set about 4 or 5 traps every year. Sometimes we get a lot, sometimes not many. Year before last we took 27 hogs off of our lease. Last year 5. My understanding is they move in a big, big circle so some years they're everywhere and some years not so much. We're due for a big harvest this year. You can have the boars. I shot a 135# two years ago that I couldn't even clean without gagging. Those kind go to the gut dump.

My brother knows a guy who shot one down here in Southern Indiana, not too far from where I live. I have never really seen any evidence of them, but I am hearing a lot more about them, of course you also hear a lot about mountain lions being heard/spotted here in Southern IN too. Hard to say if that is true or not. Have heard the wild pigs are good eating tho...

I've read that feral hogs are to be found in all the contiguous 48 and in some parts of southern Canada.

As many hog farms as there are in Indiana, there are escaped pigs! It is only a matter of time till they fill up the Kankakee,Wabash, Blue, and the rest of your floodplains and see them in the corn and soybeans too. Kill all of them you can. Every pig takes the place of deer, turkeys, quail, and most other game. Where they have been, it looks like someone went through the area with a disk harrow. If anyone is thinking like some of the PA boys are, you need to disuade them, as the comeback of deer will be really hindered!! They eat well and I love sour kraut and pork!Just do not put any more out than are already there.


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