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September 24, 2008


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WOW! Nice polebender there! Congrats.
And you are right....having different avenues of enjoying our great outdoors
is what we are all about. You know what comes after that big fish?? A giant buck!

Good luck on your deer hunts...and congrats again.


Hey Flat,

Good thing you were not bowfishing or that doe may have been in trouble.

Can't wait to see that gator on the wall.

Flatlander, What lake(s) do you fish in the BWCAW?

I've fished Basswood several times since the early 90s.

Nice pike...eh?

just north of crane lake,mn. on Sand Point lake Ontario up to Namamken lake.... beautiful country up 'dere ehh

if i were a young single man i would spend my summers up there working resorts and guiding then hunt bear for a week then moose then come back to the midwest for deer season....... oh sorry back to reality and back to work :)

Nice Pike Flatlander. Looks like a good time to kick back, drink some cold ones and relax. How big is that bad boy? Looks about 40+"

Cool pix of the deer swiming the lake, looks like she has a ways to go.

Nice fish! Gotta love the boundary waters. Was up there myself in late june this past summer. Great place to relax.

Nice fish, good way to clear the head aye? Now lets get some deer laying on the ground son!!!

Scott, good eye, you must know your pike
just shy of 41" @ 18.5 pounds...... locals said they don't ever get over 40-41 in those lakes, they just get fatter, with age
(i think i resemble that remark :))

My dad, Ron Weimer, just got back from Ely, Minnesota, earlier this evening. The weather was calm and hot--not good walleye fishing weather--but, then it got rainy and cooler (excellent 'eye fishing weather). My dad, two brothers, uncle Tom (who owns a cabin in the North Woods), and my uncle's two buddies, fished for just over a week and did pretty well. My dad just informed me that archery season was in up there. They saw some deer, but no big bucks.

The North Woods is beautiful; everyone should get up there in their lifetime.

Good luck everyone!!! Saw plenty of deer out glassing tonight...but nothing big.

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