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September 11, 2008


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Take a deep breath Mike...we're gonna get through this. Breathe!

LOL...I hear ya brother. It's so frustrating.

All government employee's should remember who they work for. What a waste. I wonder what other federal departments are out of control like this. We need a smaller government and less taxes period. Where is the self control! Fire all the managers and make them pay us back. This is crazy. Makes you wonder if anybody has their hand on the wheel ?@#$%^
Michigan Whitetail Nut

what ever happened to respect for ladies? just wondering about that, because no one seems to respect them anymore... I always open doors and tip my hat, and no one else even seems to notice

You are getting me fired up!!! I need a big buck pic and story to settle me down please!!!!!

Any one ready for opening day? Where are the trail cam pics fellas?


the oil and gas community owns the West now. And tHey pretty much own the USFWS and BLM ou there. It seems these gov't agencies basically hire "biologists" to sign off on oil and gas contacts with their eyes closed. (because of endangered species, etc., etc.)

I did my civil duty as a Big Deer blogger and sent Mike one of mine(The droptine buck). Got a few more of another, bigger buck, but I couldn't resist fueling the Hanback Droptine Obsession.

Don 3, take a deep breath like I did. more bucks and cam pic coming soon :)

D3, You know I'm ready!!!!!!!! Been watchin these four little scrub bucks tear this little sappling in my pasture to peaces all morning, I found some fresh rub's of there grandpappy yesterday, gotta reservation on the wall of fame for him.


Mike, I just read about these bozo clowns in the WSJ. Front page above the fold! P___es me off too. We need someone smart watching the henhouse. Obama doesn't want your guns. He's smart and he wouldn't want to anger tens of thousands of you deer hunters with scope equipped rifles. Think about it, bud.

and now that this is over, back to deer huntin........

Unless he has the votes, Lamar. His words.

That is absolutly crazy and I agree with you.

I believe Gov Palin cleaned house in Alaska didn't she? Real Change!!!

4 more years!


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