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September 12, 2008


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i hunt in northern missouri where you can hardly hunt a field sometimes without seeing both deer and turkeys. but you're right, a lot of the bucks keep their distance it seems, though I never really thought about it, you learn stuff here, thanks Mike

It’s sort of like your cat and dog. They tolerate each other, but they feel best when they avoid one another, so the cat slinks off.- that's the best way I've heard it put yet, you come up with that analagy haback?


Sorry, I mean Mr. Hanback

We see a lot of deer & turkey in the same area where we hunt. Most the time they dont bother each other. The deer a lot of times will keep there distance and keep a eye on the turkeys and sometimes stare at them for a bit. I've even seen turkeys chase the deer away when they get to close, kind of funny to see a large bird chase away a big deer.

Dirty, yes, the cat-dog was mine and I thought it was pretty good too; and please no mister, I ain't that old, Hanback or Mike will do!

Ditto on the turkey vs deer ... Watched a big hen run a small 4 pt off a few year's back that still makes me smile when I thin k of it. The youngster was putting on a show for a couple of young does until the ol' girl put the spurs to him. They co-exist but not in real clsoe quarters.

What's really funny is watching your house cat stalk a doe and fawn from the kitchen window. Quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen that was deer related.

The doe stood her ground in defense of her baby and the cat was left wondering what she would have done with all that venison (from UNDER the garden shed , BTW) :)

I've heard that it can be good to carry a turkey call and if you accidentally make a bit of noise going through the woods to make some turkey sounds since they can be so noisy it may not bother the deer as much. I'm not sure if this works, as long as the noise you make is scuffling through the leaves it might, but you bang your bow or gun on a tree and I don't care what you do, they know you're there.

I don't typically hunt over fields, usually in some hardwoods or over some type of water source so I don't usually see both at the same time. However we are trying to finish upa house we built at work now and for the last probably two months, it seems every time you look out of a window or door(by far the best view in Va for a house. Sits in Amherst county, just west of Elon for anyone who is familiar with the area. KNow there a couple of guys form Va on here. Sits up on a hill at the base of a mountain and looks towards the west. Can see from Sharp Top all the way to where the road is cut out in the mountains for the Parkway up on Rt 60. Absolutely Beautiful!!) Anyway, everytime you look out a window you see turkeys or deer in the surrounding feilds. Tons of turkey up there, quite a few deer too, though I'm sure there is a TON we haven't seen. Got some pretty big bucks up there and two albino fawns. Back in the spring, their was probably close to 20 gobblers up on the mtn behind the house hollering all morning every morning. Found the landowner about 6 weeks ago and asked if she would allow me to hunt. "Sure, won't be aproblem. I don't want you bringin a large group in here to hunt though, you and family or a few friends would be fine."
Done deal on 200+ acres of some of the prettiest deer woods in America, not to mention some awesome turkey hunting. Like I said, done deal right? Wrong. She came by the house where were working a few days later and said her oldest son had been laid off from work and he and his wife and kids were moving back onto the property for a while and he hunts. Talk about a bummer...already had to big 8's picked out I wanted to take. But thats the way it goes.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Idk how it is everywhere else but here in central Va, gas is outrageous. All because of Ike and the gulf. Gas is supposed to go up $2 tonight, already about a$1.50 in some places, in the last 5 hours...


There aren't enough turkeys in my neck of Indiana to really have any type of answer on this one. Although, I have experienced plenty of Turkeys in Kansas and Iowa. I just haven't had enough experience with both to really understand anything about it. But, like others, I enjoyed Mike's cat and dog analogy.

I guess it could be situational like many other aspects of deer hunting.

IDK, I don't turkey hunt... Mike Hanbacks Big Gobbler Zone? just kidding man, but it does have a ring to it

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