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September 23, 2008


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Kudos to Luke on your fantastic stick bow

And for Mike.....keep us posted on your hunt. You'll knock a big one down for both
the show and us bloggers to enjoy.

Congrats again!

And it IS nice when two hunting friends
can get toether and share this moment!

Mike, what bow are you hunting with this year?

Freaking awesome!!!

Atta boy Luke!!! Nice lookin' buck there.

Way to get it going buddy!!!

Now, Mike, it's your turn!

Awesome!!!!! Congrat's Luke! Love your choice of huntin atire. Mike, were pulling for you. Let us know.

That's fantastic. Way to go Luke! You're up, MIke. Go knock one down.

Any chance that you might go old school and borrow some of those ol' timey duds of Luke's if you need a little luck?

Luke , you are a badass stick hunter, I love it! congrats, and good luck Mike!

Nice buck Luke and it appears you went old school on the clothes/hat combo!

Very dapper indeed!


Congratulations Luke!!! Love the outfit.

Mike, be ready for that drop tine buck that is on a collission course with your broadhead!! When you least expect it.....EXPECT IT!!!!! Have fun and be safe.


Nice job Luke! Hell of a buck right there. Taking a buck like that with a long bow is cool.

Your turn Mike, hopefully you get a chance at a good buck to.

Damn! I still have a week to wait.

Congrats Luke.
Fred Bear would be proud.

Best of luck Mike.
We're all hoping you connect with your drop tine.

i thought that was a picture of Mike with Fred Bear (sorry mike i realize you're not that old) :)

Luke that is a great buck regardless of weapon used but to do it all traditional is way cool :)

keep sendin' pics ......makes me envious.....IL. season starts in about 169 hours, but who's counting

Luke- You look like a young Fred Bear roaming the woods of Michigan ! Nice Job !

Michigan Whitetail Nut

Awesome Deer, Brother Luke ... Congrats !!


Here's hopin' the drop tine of your dreams wanders by at 15 yards .

Waiting (not very patiently , I might add) for Oct. 4th to get here

PA Archer

Oh Im sorry, I thought that was a John Travolta on location at the Milk with Mike for a minute. LOL. Luke apparantly the camera didnt bother you when it came to crunch time! I new you would be all over those bucks. Congrats. Alright Mike, its your turn. Any sightings of the double drop? Could be your year. Good luck guys, and Luke, I'll be seein ya real soon.

Wow,that is so real!! Someday....

Way to go Luke!! Awesome:)

Good luck Mike.


Hey Kahuna! Can't wait brother! No double drop yet...still looking. John T.? Shouldn't insult him, I like 'im! Delvin-get the itch, man, you'll never be able to scratch it! I look forward to you learning to shoot trad. Hey Doug-would love to hear some stories from you in the legendary Michigan bowhunting scene...I love the Fred Bear legacy and mostly what it stood for-a more simple time and roots-emphasis hunting. Hope all of you have some great luck soon. Taking mike to a camera stand in the middle of an alfalfa field right now...I'm sure he'll keep you all posted! Had some encounters today, no mature bucks offered any shots. Hot Montana day today for September 25-80+degrees.

Jim-love the "Dapper"...LOL. Hey Jake, how's WI doing...is your season open yet? I have a buddy in WI and can't remember when it starts...what a great state to bowhunt whitetail in...much more difficult than what I hunt to be honest. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments. If anyone wants to know, I was shooting a 64" 64# Robertson Stykbow Longbow, 145 grain Stos broadhead to complete over 800 grains of arrow combination... www.robertsonstykbow.com if you are interested...Mike's ready to hunt, gotta go...chasing a wide 9 tonight!

I am making a request -please remove this post!! I keep scrolling back to that picture and wasting my time...something I can't control!
Luke - I have a plan I'll come hunt the Milk River next year (5 days) then the next 2 days you introduce me to traditional archery.

Hey Luke, Jake must not have seen this. Wisconsin started bow season on the 13th.

Been too hot around here too (low 80s). Been out once and didn't see anything. Trail cams look great so far. One big 4 1/2+ year old. Really wide (22-24" and lots of mass). It's supposed to cool off after tomorrow. I'll be out tonight and tomorrow morning trying to fill the frezzer with some doe meat.

Where's your buddy live?

Doug-been hot here too, tough to get them moving. My Friend is from Rhinelander...

Delvin-If I can make it work in my schedule, you got it....

Great Job Luke! Cant wait to get together with you and talk deer!

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