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September 27, 2008


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Talk about waiting until the last minute...well not quite, but it was his morning hunt of his last day! A good shot and a great buck, Mike really connected and got it done. It is hot again today, so it would have been another tough afternoon of hunting if he hadn't tagged out this a.m. We hope all of you are having the same luck and bag a good buck this weekend if you are out. Oh...this is the same buck he stalked on the ground two days ago...! Our Veteran Camera Tech's Randy Wimberg and John Macgillivray were amazing professionals and really filmed some good stuff for a great show to be aired next fall. Mike is in the shower again...this time getting ready for our dinner reservations!

Sweet! Nice job Mike & Luke, great week of hunting right there. Nice buck, three yards!! How cool is that. I'll drink a couple of cold ones tonight for ya to.

YA HOYT! CAN YA HANDLE THAT!? Hell yeah! Congrats to the both of ya! Beautifull buck's and I'm sure a great time of fellowship. Congrat's again fella's!!!


Gee guys, couldn't you muster a smile for the photo?

Congrats on a couple of nice whitetail fellas.

My quest starts October 1.


Gee guys, couldn't you muster a smile for the photo?

Congrats on a couple of fine whitetail.

My quest begins October 1.


Sorry for the double post.

Jim's right, I've never seen anyone look so disapppointed over such a nice 8 pointer before...unless there's more to the story, like maybe Mike missed a big drop tine buck and accidentally hit that one... :) Congrats Mike, NExt saturday for me and can't wait, shooting better this year with a bow than I ever have...


Way to go Mike and Luke! Two great bucks!

Can't wait for Nov. 1st. My son-in-law was up at our place today and saw a shooter right by my main blind! Ran across the road right in front of him. Either an 8 or 10, huge deer with chocolate horns! Wooo Hoooo! The .25 WSSM smells blood!

Congrats mike, good deer...

gotta get me a dream season...until then...ill just shoot the rage...hahaha

Great job guys you had an impressive week! Luke you do good work if you ever need another hunter let me know:-) Mike great buck nice clean wide eight with good tines. Cant wait to see the show! Oh yeah nice hat.

Congrats, Mike! Way to break the ice, big man! I'm getting fired up! Oct. 1st is the big day for me.

I wish everyone a safe and successfull season!


Nice Buck, Mike !!! Looks like 2008 is off and running for both you and Luke.

6 days...

Great buck mike, beautiful cape on that guy,
would look great on the wall

I assume the lack of smiles is due to all the preparation, filming, positioning of the deer after the kill for photos, cut away shots, making sure all footage is usable, keeping camera man scent free, making sure both stands are hung were you can get the shot on film, lots of pictures to keep sponsors happy, oh yah and all this going on about 4 hours sleep a night.

sometimes what the public hunting crowd doesn't see is all that went into filming a hunt and when it does come together it is just amazing and you can finally stop to catch a breathe......... then there is just not energy left for a smile...... been there

lets hope that is it, and not that you missed the drop tine :)

congrats on the buck (must of been that lucky big deer hat your wearing) :)

Way to go Mike!!!

Can't wait to hear / watch the hunt.
Waiting until the last day to keep us and the filming crew in suspense.....heh!?

Congrats on a nice , hard earned buck.

Flatlander-Dang, bud, you have been there! Wow, what rollercoaster of ups and downs and just the overwhelming urge to let the relief in. We took a lot of shots, most of them we are smiling, but we wanted some candids for something a little different. Maybe we can get Mike to post one of the pics where we are smiling...
I wish there was a double drop running around! Mike is headed home today, catching a few planes after a four hour drive to Billings. Had a great hunt, even with so many things not going in our favor...hunting, right!

Congrats on a nice buck Mike, waited till the last day huh? Have a Bud Light for me!!

Good buck Mike! Sounds like you guys had a great week. Any word on what they both score?


Congratulations Mike and Luke! you 2 both have your "last day to get it done" game faces on!lol

Well, theres probably a thousand stories just like that one Mike of the hunt comin down to the last couple hrs and Im glad to see your one of the ones who made it happen. Im happy for ya. Nice buck by any standards. Where to next? Im sure you'll be ready for the next round very soon. Im excited as hell knowin my turn with the legendary Strommenator is comin up again in just little more than 3 weeks from now for my 3rd tour in a row to the Milk. Countdown is on. I can tell you that Ive had at least 3 encounters with bucks scoreing in the 160 to 165 class, includeing that Mutt buck at 40 yds. Luke has definately got it goin on in Montana, and he will put you on em! I hope to add to the list of one less giant there when I leave this time. Good luck to all of you on your encounters with the whitetail of your dreams.

SWEET FINISH MIKE ! That RAGE two blade has killed 4 deer for me. Cut the pipeline and they dump blood like a garden hose. Always a good blood trail. You have to see it to believe it ! Nice solid buck! Bring on the rut !!!

Michigan Whitetail Nut

Way to go Mike! That big grill of mine us screaming for a hindquarter to slow roast!!!

Thanks guys, last day buck, fun but the stress factor was thru the roof, trying to shoot a buck for the new TV show. incredible how things work out if you just keep hunting hard and go for it!!

BTW VINNIE--I told Luke to let this stand settle down for a few weeks, then you hunt it. awesome spot, man. i killed buck there in AM, but it's really a PM stand--hunt it either way if you can, lots of bucks there, saw a 150 in the dark (I think I spooked him putting on my release, amazing how easy it is to mess up :)good luck brother!!

Awesome buck, Mike! Way to go. Love it when a plan comes together. I'm sure you and Luke had it planned that way from the start. lol.

Can't wait to see that new show. When do we get to hear about it?

Thanks Mike for the info. I showed the pic to my son Vince cause thats the same stand he hunted at one point last year and had 15 bucks all around him. Im ready as i can be!

that's right Vinnie, I forgot--Luke told me to tell you I killed this buck 200 yards from yours last year!! good luck brother!!

Congrats Mike!!!

Actually-this is a new stand Vinnie, but hunting the trail where your buck died in that drain...your two bucks died 20 yards apart. On mutts, not south point.

Man I love this blog. You guys are all whitetail kill'n and grill'n nuts. Can't wait to see some of you luck this year.

Ain't it great here, Luke? Congrats on a fine buck yourself and for helping Mike with his.

Mike, I just saw the hat. Nice.

Way to go Mike! It is always great to get a good one, but on the last day always makes it sweeter.
I look forward to seeing the footage.

Congrats on a great buck Mike!

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