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September 17, 2008


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I fit right in there for the most part. I would guess most of us on the blog do. I think the exception would be that we all tend to spend more time in the woods than the average hunter. Some of us quite a bit more. Cool numbers. Thanks Mike.

pretty much in the middle, cept i will hunt a lot more than that this fall. laid off, sign of the times, hell at least it is deer season

Lets see how I fit in.

I'm 28. I hunt deer, bear, try like hell for a moose permit, predators and small game. I'm currently going part time for my Masters degree in Biology. I'm somewhere in the 40-99k range for income (much closer to the low end :)) and live in the Northeast (CT). I hunt with rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader on private and public land, and hunt about 20 days a years.

I guess I fit right in then. Thanks for the numbers Mike, pretty interesting.


I am right in those numbers (except, I spend much more time in the field). However, I am not in the numbers where I live (New Jersey).
Population 8,725,000 - Hunting Licenses Sold 80,000 I am in a group of 1% in my state. Mike, your numbers state 1 in 20 are hunters. In NJ it is 1 in 100 are hunters. Basically, NJ is bring the average US average way down.

Interesting, I love statistics! Im 26,male, I hunt deer,muleys,bear,turkeys,antelope,duck,pheasant,and grouse once in a while. High school education,somewhere in the middle of those earnings,live in the midwest,diehard bowhunter who also gunhunts,hunt private with a little public in the big woods, and put in 120 hours chasing whitetailes last year.
Its funny my brother and I were talking on the way home from hunting the other day and I brought up how Mike and some other of you have said people look at you funny if you say you hunt or have a deer in the back of your truck, Niether one of us has ever had that happen that we know of. We live in a small city in the Fox Cities and I have at least 4 nieghbors that are bow hunters just on my block. i love it, weve gotten plenty of thumbs up with deer in the back of the truck. Half or more of the trucks you see have some kind of hunting sticker on their windows. I couldnt imagine having to try to hide your deer on the way home or not telling people you hunt because you dont know how theyll react. I know you gotta be ethical with things and we are but it is certainly different then some other places Ive heard about including SilverBack. I feel for ya brother!

Hey Jake, when I first read that I read it as 120 days! Wherebouts in Fox Valley are you. I lived in Appleton (actually Grand Chute) for a short time. Loved it up there. I can see it being different up there compared to the Madison area. I hunt in Juneau County and nobody would ever give you crap about having a deer in the back of your truck there. Everyone gathers around at the registration stations to look at everone else's deer. A different world for sure.

I live in Menasha and hunt in Winnebago,Waushara,Outagamie,and Price counties. Yeah the yeah the wife or dnr wouldnt put up with 120 days :-)

Pretty much in the mix.


Does this mean that 41% have a high school diploma and no further education? Or that 59% of us are high-school dropouts?

hope not, lol. i assume you add 41 and 45, the remainder i don't know??

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