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September 15, 2008


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Pam knows a thing or 2 about what she is saying!!!

Palin is the best. You gotta love her... hell of a lot better than that other woman who was running...who was that? if this is Obamas Nation, we will be an Abomination. McCain-Palin 08

Consider the source--Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, sex tapes--just the PETA type. Man, she looks rode hard and rough!

Man, she is eloquent! I'm going to have to re-think my positions for this election now.


Another shallow un-informed hollywood type who is only interested in being popular with the 2% of the public who even cares. Sarah has the women Libs on the run. She represents what America needs more of. God is blessing Sarah Palin and she knows she's blessed and thankfull for her life. The other liberal types aren't thankful for anything.

man she looks like an old piece of saddle leather that was left in the rain too long.... i guess it is true what they say drugs will do to yah..... kills brains cells and makes you look like your 25 years older than you are......

of course i don't think she had alot in the brains dept. before the drugs :)

now she has lost her looks and pretty face she has to jump on the PETA wagon to get some face time.....
Kim Bassinger did the same thing when her face began to sag and nobody would put her on the screen anymore(she went PETA when no one else would listen, must be a trend)

besides isn't PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals?) :)

PETA - People Employing Trashy Actresses?

PETA - People Employing Trashy Actresses?

At least clips of Palin's home videos could be used on the news at 6. Anderson's on the other hand aren't even making the porn sites anymore!

come to think of it Palin is better looking and smarter than the rock star leftover

Kind of a misleading headline. "Anti hunting wackos (plural) attack sarah palin." One dumb anti-hunting blond reacting to a question - not exactly an attack by "wackos". Do a little research on palin - the spin you all seem to have bought into isn't entirely accurate.

We get the government we deserve. Unfortunately.

funny you would point out the plural, when i first wrote it i played with that, the singular and the plural. but then i figured this was just the tip of the iceberg, I mean all the PETA and HSUS nut activists--in the many plurals for sure. as i said in an earlier pose, no matter one's politics the fact that we are seeing unprecedented numbers of hunting pictures, dead animls and fish, rugs etc on TV and in mainstream media is good for hunting, all the other more imp. stuff is certainly up for debate

From the videos Ive seen of Pam, she can suck it too! She seemed to like meat back then! Sorry Mike I had to!

I'm actually suprised it took until comment 12 for one those "campaign operatives" living in their mothers basement who googles "mccain/palin" for 16 hours a day while gratifying themselves to the highlights from the Karl Marx's early work to respond. You sir are no Patriot...

Palin isn't perfect. But at least she isn't a socialist...

As far as Pam Anderson is concerned...Mike said to keep it clean, so I won't respond.

What is Obama's history with animal rights? Does the left even know? I doubt it. I would say look at his voting record, but it probably just says "present"...

"Patriot", perhaps you could fill us in on what we are missing about Sarah Palin??

I'm all ears...

Oh yeah...Pam should just keep doing what made her all of her money over the years. And it isn't speaking, that's for sure.

Well, I was gonna vote for McCain/Palin, but now that pamela anderson said that, I dont know what to do; I think I will have to vote for bar-...oh wait, I dont care what she thinks...whew! Got kind of alarmed there for second! You got to wonder if these hollywood celebrity nut jobs really think that people listen to their opinions...maybe they should take a break from their fantasy world, and try the real world for change....although, I am pretty sure that even if Pam Anderson did that, she would still look old, and skanky, and would still have that strange leather textured skin...

I find it interesting that almost immediately after suggesting that folks should investigate a candidate’s credentials for themselves and not just believe the spin - I am accused of being a “campaign operative” who lives in my parents basement and denounced as “not a patriot”. It is unfortunate that one cannot make a simple comment without being subject to a personal attack. You don’t know jack sh*t about me – don’t pretend you do.

I am a libertarian who is not happy with the direction the County is headed. Unfortunately, with a two party system we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. And the way I see it 4 more years of failed policies is not a good option.

As far as Palin goes – she is not exactly fiscally conservative check the finances at Wasilla, and yes she did away with the “good old boys” at the City and State level – but replaced them with her own bunch of good old boys - she didn’t actually sell that plane on ebay – she sold it for a loss –firing Wasilla’s police chief – firing the guy who wouldn’t fire her sisters ex husband the trooper – attempting to censure books at the library and trying to fire the librarian…. All I am saying is check it out for yourself – make your own INFORMED decision. Don’t vote for her ticket “because she hunts”.

Dissent is patriotic.

"Patriot", you will obviously believe whatever liberal newspaper/magazine that you want. The guy "who wouldn't fire her sisters husband" was a crook. And, you won't read in any of your liberal publications about her ex-brother-in-law's list of wrongdoings and dirty pool. Also, you failed to mention the part about how he threatened to kill Palin's Father. He was a rogue trooper who needed to be removed regardless of how it happened.

Also, Palin never said that she sold the plane on E-Bay...she merely stated that she "put it on E Bay" which is true. It didn't sell there, so she sold it elsewhere...for a loss.

And, Palin doesn't have my vote "because she hunts". She has my vote because she sticks up for herself, and doesn't tow the company line like so many crooked politicians do on both sides. She believes in God and stands up for everything that we "little guys" stand up for. She's got balls and doesn't take chit off of anyone...I admire that.

Dissent isn't Patriotic. Fighting for your country, and standing up for what the real America is all about is Patriotic. Dissent was Patriotic before America was founded, but afterwards, it caused another war...the second biggest one in our history. We all know what happened there.

Im voting for you Dean !!! I agree with you 100% And dont forget her husband is a proud union worker, who a couple of weeks ago was working 3rd shift.

The plural headline is appropriate - I too am one of those people who has lots of Google alerts (for my pro-hunting blog), and I can tell you the antis and the vegans are freaking out about Palin - lots of comments out there about all of her "rage" that she takes out on the poor little animals.

Fortunately, the public doesn't put much stake in the likes of Anderson, or in PETA for that matter. Their histrionics are a joke.

HSUS, on the other hand, IS something to worry about, because its propaganda is written with a velvet touch.

Interesting thing is if Palin were just a regular hunter, I don't know how how much these groups would be attacking her. But her positions on polar bears and aerial wolf hunting are an unfortunate gift to the opposition. I get what she's talking about, but aerial wolf hunting is a lot harder to explain to the non-hunting public than taking down a caribou for food for the winter.

If you are a Palin supporter, those issues are what you need to care about, and to explain to your non-hunting friends who aren't familiar with the subject.

Holly, thanks. Every body check out her blog: http://norcalcazadora.blogspot.com/

Cool stuff!

Right on Dean!! Very good points, I would say I have to agree with you! I like Palin, not because she hunts, I like her because she is prolife, conservative, christian, and holds a lot of the same beliefs and values that I do, and it has been awhile since I have seen that out of anyone in politics; the fact that she hunts is a delightful bonus...well that and the fact that the PETA nutcases are all stirred up!

Just what has Palin done??
Well she got no less than 70% of the vote of BOTH parties in 4 different election BY PEOPLE WHOM KNOW HER AND HER RECORD...that sounds pretty impressive to me.

Wow Mike, this is getting as heated as the x-bow debate. Wonder if Palin uses one? We are screwed in November, no matter who wins, as someone posted earlier, the lesser of the two evils! I say put Bill Clinton back in, with Pam Anderson as his running mate, when he was a "happy" pres we were all making money!!!

Mike, Wow, one day of not paying attention and I look over here and you have 26 hits on Pam Anderson's (big boob mama) idiotic comments. What are you trying to do, incite an internet riot? So Big Daddy is back and Dean..... Dean...."Dissent isn't Patriotic. Fighting for your country, and standing up for what the real America is all about is Patriotic". Would you please explain to all what the "real America" is all about. Did you just get out of high school or did you fall out of a helicopter in Vietnam and bump your head? BTW, Hanback, I hope you keep looking at the Huffington Post it will "BROAD"en your horizons. I want to see some new babes with deer rifles.

Lamar, I have a great friend here in my hometown that was a Green Beret in Vietnam. He was shot 7 times, has a Purple heart, etc. He's a Real American in my eyes. He believes in God, works his ass off, and never complains about anything. He understand that this is the best country in the world. He fought for it, and doesn't whine and pout like others I know.

Real Americans still believe in The Dream, understand hard work is how you get places in the world...and don't bitch about it.

How 'bout you, what is The Real America to you?

Mike, I don't have to hesitate one second to answer that challenge. To me America is a place where people are free to think for themselves and express those thoughts and not be persecuted for it. All that, regardless of their race, religion or social status. America is a place where I can worship the god of my understanding. America is where I am free to enter into business and strive to achieve financial success to the best of my ability using my god given talents. Through these freedoms, coupled with responsibility, we pursue happiness for ourselves, our families, and for our fellow man. This country is truly the "shinning city on a hill" and I love it with all my heart.

Lamar, Very well thought out answer.

BTW, my friend, Edward Placencia Sr. (the ex Green Beret), is a first generation Mexican decendant. His parents left Mexico and settle in Indiana. Ed is a great friend of mine and someone I look upto with high esteem and honor. While I am caucasian, I don't look at American people "of color" as anything but fellow Americans. Ed happens to be a Christian by choice, but, as you say, we are free to worship as we see fit in our country.

I am not a fan of Barack Obama, but it has nothing...absolutely nothing... to do with his skin color.

I cant help myself. Palin did suck and was never qualified for the position. But hey shes Christian and all that. Bwahhaaaaaa

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