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September 26, 2008


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Wow, what a magnificent animal! Congratulations!

It is about 4:30 a.m. here on Friday morning right now, Mike is in the shower getting ready for a morning hunt. 51 degrees and West winds. Should be a nice hunt this morning. He hunted a field yesterday afternoon and saw some 50+ head of deer including a lot of bucks, just no shooters came within bow range...great group of bucks all walked by at 69 yards, including a couple good shooters. This bowhunting is one tough gig, eh boys? Good luck to all of you this weekend, Hopefully Mike will be posting a shot of him with a good 'un today. Tomorrow is the last chance day...

WOW! Awsome buck Greg, i just love those Freak Nasty racks. Buck of a life time for sure. How cool to get invited to hunt some killer property like that.

Thanks for the update Luke, you have one tough gig there my friend :) Hopefully Mike can score on a nice buck.

YEA BABY!!!!! Way to go Greg!

That is an outstanding buck and hunt and hunt to boot.
FYI...the area where you hunt and live in will give you more trophy opportunities as
the years come. Keep us posted on more of your hunts.

Luke, maybe you should loan Mike your lucky
bow?! It seems the stars (arrows) line up well with that rig. Good luck Mike....get a hoss on the ground for us.

Awesome buck! It just goes to show you there are still some great people out there! Luke thanks for the update. Like stated earlier you got my dream job! Good luck Mike hope your arrow finds its mark.

That an awesome buck and a great story. Congrats to Greg and the property owner. Very gracious. Can't say that I would do that for someone I had just met.

Thanks fro the update, Luke. Been wondering how things were going for you guys. Good luck, Mike. As my three year old says, "Give em' and extra breathin' hole".

WOW that is beyond big......
what does a guy do after shooting a deer like that....... start passing 180's

yah right :)

great deer Greg, sounds like you deserved him

great job man... Slept 1 hour last night, season starts tomorrow

That was incredible. I agree with the above post, everything will seem downhill after this. Thanks for the inspiration for the coming season!

THAT'S A SUPER BUCK-no question. We just keep learning from stories like that. The body language of the deer is something I have picked up on the last several years. Mike I like what you have been saying lately about acting as a predator when the giant arrives and not wasting time. Be ready to Shoot immediatly when the shot is right. Hats off to Greg for knowing his equiptment and his shooting ability. Some great reminders here for all of us-no matter how long we have been hunting. Congrats Greg -pretty mount too!

TREMENDOUS animal! You've done what the rest of us keep dreaming about even after the season is over. You did great by not looseing your cool and shot sraight. Great job. Also, Mike, its now or never brother, its time for BBD!

Thanks for all the comments guys. I just got back from KS at 5 this morning and had an excellent trip. I guided my dad to his best buck ever! I will send pictures when they are uploaded.


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