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August 13, 2008


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It's obviously tough to tell from pictures, but based on the rack it sure looks the same.

Either way, nice buck!


I agree, hard to tell for sure but it looks to be the same buck to me as well. Next season he could have the drop back again. If its him. I dont think i would want to pass on him this year to find out though. I quess it would depend on how much land and hunting presure there is in that area. Great looking buck! Nice brow tines.

looks alot like the same deer .....
probably a 2 1/2 year old in the first and maybe 3 1/2 in the second pick. looks to be about 115" plus the drop in the first and mabe 120+ in the second......
tough call? shoot him this year or wait til next..... i would like to think i would wait but i wouldn't be ashamed of him at all!!! nice buck especially if taken with a bow!!
i bet your excited to keep gettin new pics so you can get to know him a bit better......awesome stuff

wonder what most others would do .....shoot or pass........many will say pass but most would really shoot :) just how most guys are....

I think it is the same deer. I would take him this year if he was at 15-20yards and I could do it with my bow, however, it would sure be interesting to see if that drop re- appeared next year. I think it will, and I think he would make his best jump in rack size between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2. Do you have a good idea on his age?


I took another look at this years photo and his brisket is huge....maybe 4 1/2 now.


never know for sure could be a twin w/0 a drop it happens more often than you think on another note i have some sad news the big buck that i have been chasing for 3 years was hit last night my a garbage truck the driver said to me his rack was so big when he crushed the thing and i quote " there where horns all over the road" the buck we quessed was around 175 to 180 inches it hurts to know that a buck like that would die in such a way

It seems to be the same buck. There is a slight chance that it is a different one, but, like Hanback said, bucks can lose points from year to year. Sometimes an 8 pointer becomes a 10 pointer, and then back to an 8 the following year.

The question is: If it is indeed him can you pass him up another year, waiting on the drop to come back?

Good luck!

After close review, my opinion is that it most likely the same buck, and if it is he made some great progress in a year's time. After the velvet is gone, my opinion is he'd go closer to 135 gross. I'm wishy-washy on his age, he's either 3 1/2 or 4 1/2. Definite shooter in my book, the only thing that might stop me from downing him this year is the previous year's drop. Your decision though. Good luck!

P.S. Can we get a location?

Not to be against the grain here, but I don't think it's the same buck. Close, but no cigar. Notice the brow tines. Totally different. And, no, this is not a shooter. Wait 'till next year.

Don't mean to nit-pick, if that deer is not a shooter, than neither is the ten Mike posted for you,this deer would score better than your's IMO, look at the sway in that deer's back, it's defiantly mature.

Draw ... Exhale... Squeeze... :)

That's a shooter in my book any day. The G-2's alone are nearly a foot long! Deep Chest and swayback. Good mass. A deer to be proud of ,f orsure .

I'm not 100% convinced that it's the same deer, but he surely swam in the same end of the gene pool.

Im not convinced its the same deer. There are definately some same characteristics but I think its a different deer. Could be his brother. Plus its always better to believe the droptine is still out there only bigger!

Dirty, I'll tell ya. I'm not one to question why anyone shoots a particular deer nor am I one to make excuses for the deer I shoot. However, the 10 point whose pic I sent to Mike was a cull buck. He graded out at 5 1/2 years old. His gut was big and his face was gray. If he had looked younger, I wouldn't have shot him. He was never gonna get any better than what he was when I pulled the trigger. The buck in the photo sports a 15 inch rack at best. I don't car how high the horns are, if I can't see a 17" rack on a prime deer then he is not going to fall. This deer has a big brisket but I can't tell how big his gut is or if his neck and shoulders blend together or not. He doesn't look gray faced and I can't tell if his back is swayed or not. So, from this angle, I don't think he's a shooter. You, however, can take him if you want and I'll tell you that you got a nice deer.

Good cull buck.

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