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August 29, 2008


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to keep your hunting/wildlife termonology going, I think McCain just cooked his goose; no way he can win with somebody so inexperienced-I heard all she has got is a B.A. in journalism. good on guns, and hunting and pro-life, so that will be good for the Alaska folks when she goes back home on Nov. 5

I don't know give the girl a chance, if she can kill a moose she can handle Biden in a debate. she's as qualified as snobama

Granted, she may have little experience, however, so does Barack Hussein Obama,and he really does not do well when you take away the almighty teleprompter....case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omHUsRTYFAU. In my opinion, when you listen to all the things B. Hussein Obama is proposing, there are a few that have a good chance of falling under the communism banner. But, you know me, I am just bitter anyway, clinging to those guns and religion and all...

I think it's a risky choice but I love it. I had heard about her as a long shot VP choice a couple of months ago and looked at her bio. She might be inexperienced on an international level but the only thing that hurts is that it's one less thing to poke BHO about. By all acounts, she's a fantastic speaker. One of the things people on both sides admire about BHO.
Of course, the Democrats are calling it disasterous.

I was shocked when I first heard it but after researching her a little I think it may be a great move! She's a hunter so she has my vote!

The fact that she's pro-hunting is a plus, but I have to admit that I've never heard of her and her record is thin.

I'm going to reserve judgment until after I read more about her and listen to her speak @ the convention next week.


Her first act as Govenor was to SELL the jet that the previous putz had bought on the taxpayers money...

she sold it on E-Bay...the money went back to the state...

She is the real deal...the more this unfolds the better it is...she is real people...obama's "everyman" BS just took a real shot in the nuts...cuz this girl is like 75% of the country...this is a GREAT move...now, mccain just needs to sit back, shut up and let her win the election...

remember...she has more executive experience than that fraud obama does...

She's pro-hunting and that's a good thing. She's also anti-abortion even in the case of rape or incest and that's a bad thing. She has an appalling lack of experience and that "I want" chin so many ball busters have. I'm afraid Old Walnuts made yet another fatal mistake. We need change, not 4 more years of Republican screw-ups.

Her "record is thin" is a comment being broadcast nationally. I have news for you people...list her credentials next to BHO's and it becomes obvious...the Republican VP choice has MORE relevant and quality experience than the Democratic Presidential candidate. BHO a US senator???? Is he really? He was elected to the office and then IMMEDIATELY abandoned it to run for President. At least asfter she was elected the Governor of Alaska was actualy serving and doing useful things (fighting corruption in her own party, proving to all she is right to life by action and not just teleprompter, etc.). There may be a surprise in her past that may come up...but nothing so shocking and incriminating as the revelations about BHO.

Rodger, what is an "I want" chin?

Does your comment about her "appalling lack of experience" suggest you'll not vote for Obama as well?

She looks like a ball buster?

These are all very compelling reasons to not vote for McCain.

I think she is a good choice for the VP, she's a hunter, and she is prolife, as opposed to saying anti-abortion...anti-abortion sounds a better than anti-life. B. Hussein Obama's propaganda machine is saying that she has no experience...but she has been gov of alaska, has the executive experience. BHO, on the other hand, is basically, a radical socialist and/or communest whose administration would prove detrimental to the US way of life so many of us have grown accustomed to, and which many of us take for granted. For those who preach bush and republican failures, I agree bush has had some issues, but who does not? I think he has done well enough, and I harbor no ill will against his administration. The democrats however, having claimed such a great "victory" for america after regaining control of the house and senate have the record for passing the fewest bills in two decades.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121910897089651793.html?mod=googlenews_wsj People blame bush for the economy problems, which are fueled by the high cost of gas prices, which is in large part due laws and policies restricting the drilling, refinement and distribution of US oil reserves which mainly were the result of democrats in office. BHO for whatever reason, has consorted with known terrorists, who have attacked America, has an extensive past with radical muslims sects who very may well aligned with Al Quaida, had a minister for 20 years whose views are almost more radical than BHO's and his sermons included the phrase "God---- America" multiple times, plays the "race card" at every oppurtunity, attempts to stifle any media coverage that looks negatively on him, http://www.swamppolitics.com/news/politics/blog/2008/08/obama_campaign_confronts_wgn_r.html, spoken very little of his past which he furiously tries to hide. He is an elitist who considers many americans, ignorant and as we all know he would consider many on this blog "bitter." which we all know his reasons, and we know them all to be false. Also, lets not forget that his wife recently declared that she proud of her country. Are these attributes we want in a president? What if he was republican, what then? The only positive aspect he appears to posess is his ability to deliver a charismatic speech that is filled with empty promises, radical socialism/communism and an marked overuse of the words hope and change. But thats just my views, you know how liberals love to cry foul when the truth is out there...

She worked in broadcasting, has been mayor of a small town and govenor of Alaksa for two years. She has no national or foreign policy experience. I'd say that's pretty thin.

Does it mean Obama's record is better? No, but it doesn't make her any more qualified either.

Like I said, I'll wait to listen to hear her speech during the convention and see what other facts come up about her before offering an opinion.



Your youtube url address re: Obama's lack of on-the-fly thinking is faulty:
could you please repost?


If we want real change, we need to get rid of the old "experience". Her bio bleeds common sense and the ability to cross party lines. Her energy will match Obama's. McCain looks like he is half dead.

Well, i think that it will rally young females to the GOP. I am surrounded by simple young girls who voted GOP their whole lives then (b/c mom and dad do), awed by the popularity are Barack supporters and have no idea how much of a chunk of their daddys' paycheck he is about to take.

I have no idea Palin's impact for sure as far as real, viable assets she is bringing to our nation, but it just might be a 'coolness' that young kids vote for. And as far as politicatians go, she is attractive. It always helps.

Obama without his teleprompter...

I like her story. And, Hanback, you forgot to post about her fishing expertise as well. She and her husband fished commercially as a business for awhile too.

Everyone talks about experience, etc., but how many Presidents have any real experience in foreign policy before they become President?

Clinton had 8 years experience in Foreign Policy, and still doesn't have a clue about it. If he'd had any balls about him, he'd have dealt with Osama Bin Hidin' long before 9/11.

Barack Hussein Obama wants to disarm America. That would be very beneficial.

I can't believe that he really is the Democratic Nominee. America is in trouble if he becomes President.

Why, in heaven's name, would you think Obama wants to disarm America. He has not said or implied any such thing. In fact in his speech the other night he said he is for guns for hunting and self-defense but only wants to take automatic weapons away from gangsters and thugs. Don't you agree with that? What sane person wouldn't agree with that. Please don't believe everything you hear from Republican bloviacs.

OK, I quit. This is a hunting blog. If you guys or myself want to argue politics we can go somewhere else. We all respect each others opinions and agree that we are patriotic Americans and that we are going to vote in November. We are also going to hunt big deer in November. In fact I have to do the early voting thing cause I'm going to be in deer camp on Tuesday, the 4th.

Why would Obama want to disarm America? Perhaps you can ask him if you see him...


Let it go, Dean. Nobody's going to win an argument.

If I must:

Palin’s name is listed on 2003 incorporation papers of the “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.,” a 527 group that could raise unlimited funds from corporate donors. The group was designed to serve as a political boot camp for Republican women in the state. She served as one of three directors until June 2005, when her name was replaced on state filings.

You know Ted Stevens, the guy under indictment.

Well, on the bright side, this is evidence of her extensive managerial skills. Surely this, along with whatever she did in high school qualifies her to succeed the leader of the free world.

Actually, the major or Houston, which has more people than the state of Alaska, is more qualified.

Daughter's pregnant? Family Values at it's best.

What about the state trooper thing in Alaska?

This just keeps getting better and better.

Roger, I agree with your perspective. I have another question to add to yours. Do you guess the hype flying around about her daughter's behavior and the pandering to weather events, will distract the country from the Bush administration's and the Republican Party's failures?

Let it go? Are you capable of that?

So, do I keep bringing up Obama's Muslim past, and his supposed "conversion" to "Christianity"? Do we bring up his "Christian" roots in the Anti-American church he belonged to all those years.
Do you really want someone who doesn't really know what he truly believes in to run a Christian Country?

Rodger, You asked a question, and I simply answered. I'm not trying to rub anything in anyones face. Obama has aspirations of disarming America's Nuclear Capabilities. I think that is insane in this day and age. No other countries will do it, so why should we?
And, we're living in a day when rogue, Anti-American countries are trying to gain nuclear capabilities?

Roger, Don't let it go. Dean is one of these that is convinced the role of the military since World War II is to police the world for democracy. He's the one confused. The world is always changing. That's why so many of our brave have died because of IEDs in Iraq. They cost about as much as a pizza to produce and are highly effective. Our nuclear and expensive smart bombs have done little to stop them.

I am excited by the choice, and actually looking forward to the next two months of debate.

Lets talk about hunting; we can get the politics all over the 'net.

Geez, a guy leaves the blog to check on trail cameras and move stands for a couple of days and look what I missed.

First of all, Rodger, Obama has repeatedly stated to anyone who'll listen (and has voted when given the opportunity)that he wants to ban handguns, concealed carry, and "assault rifles". You say, why not ban the "automatic rifles" that the criminals use? You're confusing you evil weapons. Automatic rifles have been regualted as illegal for a long time for anyone that doesn't have the correct federal license. "Assualt rifles", which are the targets of the bans, are simply any weapon that is semi-automatic and looks military. That could (would) include many of our semi-auto shotguns and rifles that hunters use for purely sporting purposes. If you're going to make the argument, at least get it straight.

Lamar, the military has been used to defend democracy since way before WWII. That's the reason we got involved in Europe. Just as now, much of the public wanted no part of that conflict. It was Europe's problem and no threat to our country. Sound familiar?

NEWS FLASH ! DEMOCRATS TRADE OBAMA FOR PALIN...I guess experience does matter! Great pick for the McCain ticket. My wife knows several Democratic friends who will be voting Republican this time...me included !!!

Always looking for a big rack ...moose or other !@#$%^^

Lamar, I'm not convinced the U.S. Military's role is to police the world since W.W. II. I believe it should've started before that.

I'm not confused about anything.

What I'm confused about is where Barrack's true religious beliefs lie. Is he a Muslim, or is he a Christian, or is he Atheist? Does he truly have a religious affilliation, or does he just claim to be this, or that, to get votes?

Dean, look at the list of countries we have mobilized our military against since WWII. Small countries with small armies but our country was never motivated sufficiently to justify full blown war. So why did we go to war? For political and economic reasons. I am only old enough to remember Vietnam but, come on, these are tiny countries. Even tonight FOX news ran a big news "Special Alert" with some hokum about how they had "exclusive information" about North Korea rebuilding some nuclear plant. No other network is carrying this story. There is a certain portion of our population that is easily scared. And..... you brave hunters should stand up to this manipulation. My father is a veteran and one of my brothers is a Col. in the US Army. They recognize this point. And Dean, as far as Barack Obama's religious beliefs go. What are you afraid of. If God is in control, is he going to let Obama get elected?

Thanks for the backup, Lamar. I, too, am old enough to remember the cluster f*** that was Vietnam. In fact I volunteered but was turned down because of a hearing defect caused by, believe it, shooting.

More on Palin:

Troopergate... Preparedness Questioned... Defense Role Negated... Almost Recalled... No Iraq Focus... Ted Steven's Scandal... Secessionist Party... Earmarks Beneficiary... Pregnant Daughter... Abramoff Connection... Corruption Investigation... Church And State...

Even some people at the RNC said that some of this could be overcome but what has been brought to light about this woman was just downright scary.

One of her first acts as mayor of Podunk Alaska was to fire two people who she didn't think supported her. Nevermind that they were doing their jobs. One was the town Librarian.

Her motto is no sex education in our schools. No birth control, abstinence only. How did that work out, Sarah?

She says she's an American but was a member of a group wanting Alaska to secede from the Union. I think the last time that happened there was this little fight called the War Between the States.

She wants the myth of Creationism to be taught as an equal "science" to evolution. What's the deal, Sarah, think the earth is only, what, 6,000 years old. I think there's plenty of evidence to refute that.

Personally, I think John McCain has lost his mind. This woman wasn't even vetted before Old Walnuts picked her. I mean just last month she said she wasn't sure what the Vice President did.

As far as you other guys who say:

1. Senator Obama is a Muslim. He's not. Read about it on CNN, don't watch Fox News.

2. Senator Obama is a Communist (or as one guy said a "Communest". I guess that's a nest of Communists.) He's not.

3. And why, Dean, do you care what his religious beliefs are? Last I heard, contrary to what the Republicans propose, this country separates Church and State. It's in the freakin' Constitution.

4. As far as being a "Christian Country", what do you want? A Christian Taliban. See the above and remember that this country was founded by not just Protestant Christians but by Catholics, Anglicans, Atheists, Quakers, and Jews.

5. Sarah thinks the war in Iraq was an act of God. Whose God, Sarah? My God thinks war is evil.

The thing that absolutely rubs me way, way against the grain is someone who so vehemetly believes some doctrine that they fervently believe everybody else is wrong. I am certainly willing to debate anybody on political questions but I humbly request you get your facts straight before you open your mouth and just because I don't believe the same as you, don't insist that I am wrong.

Furthermore, I promise to call John McCain Senator McCain if you promise to call Barack Obama Senator Obama. Some of you seen obsessed because his name isn't George or Richard or Ronnie or John or whatever. What if his name, which has absolutely nothing to do with his character, were Jorge or Gomez or Ricardo or Saul or David? Would you go nuts over that, too.

Help me here, Lamar. I may have a stroke any minute. 'Course it'll probably be God striking me dead. LOL

Roger, you said it well. I'm sitting here listening to Fred Thompson. Can you believe this? I listen to both sides but this is tough to stomach.

Hey come on now guys. Palins eminently qualified.

This woman was mayor of a bustling burg of over 5000 people. 5000! The town hall was a bout the size of a convenience store @ your local gas station.

Now she's been govenor of the great state of Alaska and all 670,000 of its residents. The town of Memphis, TN has a higher population.

But because she is a lifetime member of the NRA and had her picture taken with a gun in her hand, she's suddently savior of 2a rights for all of mankind. The second coming of Charleton Heston (with breasts).

Bottom line, McCain choosing a woman was a smart move, McCain picking a woman of such limited experience was a dumb one.



Before all the Obama haters start accusing me of being a closet democrat, I don't think Biden was a stellar choice either.


You're not in the closet, Jim, you just let yourself out. Just kidding.

I agree about Biden. He's going to have to do some fancing manuvering to explain why he suddenly loves Obama so much after being so critical of him since Obama announced his candidacy. Same as his past support for the war in Iraq. Should be interesting.
As for Palin. We'll see. Her experience will definitely be an issue. I might actually tune in for her first debate. Her readiness and ideas (or lack of them) should become evident pretty quickly.

Hey Rodger, I laughed out loud at the "communest" comment. Hilarious. I'll have to borrow that when I'm talking about people in Madison. If there has ever been a nest of commies, it's there.


Here's a bit of info my wife let me in on today that I found kinda funny.

Seems like Sarah Palin has a famous twin.

Peggy Hill from the "King of the Hill" tv show.


What do you think?

jstreet, that's the best laugh I've had in a long time. thanks ...

Sarah Palin was remarkable!!!!!

A remarkable speech indeed, but does it mean her qualifications have improved?

Before you say yes, just remember this is the same knock on Obama. Performance over substance and experience.

PTA, city council, small town mayor, governor for 21 months in a state with a population of less than 700,000 people. Great accomplishments, but are they worthy of the Vice-Presidency? I guess voters will decide that won't they.

I will say this, I'm looking forward to McCain's speech tomorrow and the debates should be interesting.

Young vs Old, idealism vs experience, Insiders vs Outsiders. Ah, politics.


Hey....ok, sorry I did not spell Cummunist right, so much for my proof reading skills!

Get used to Sarah Palin. She is here to stay. I'm a Dem voting for McCain because of the way the Dems have disrespected the military. Lots of my Dem friends here in Michigan feel the same. Go shoot a Booner Sarah !

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