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August 21, 2008


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I guess I'm a little surprised there isn't more of a difference in the lead for sportmen for McCain. More than half of sportsmen and women plan to vote against McCain. People definitely are more worried about other issues than the outdoors.

I would love to see how the same group voted in the previous couple of elections. I would bet that the difference was greater. I still see the "Sportsmen for Bush" NRA bumperstickers once in a while.

I read the article on the survey from the survey group's website. There are a lot of interesting other numbers there. Forget about hunting issues, I think the most important point is that this election is going to go a long way towards determining what our future GUN rights are going to be.

All we can hope is that 31% for Obama doesnt have children...

I would hate to see those folks passing on thier genes...

Obama is a cull...

Interesting poll numbers.

If you look @ the group that was polled the most surprising thing about it is the number wasn't higher for McCain.

Nearly one third of hunter/fisherman polled would vote for Obama. He (Obama) has to be thrilled with that percentage.

What about the 14% that didn't choose either one. Are they staying home are undecided? That's the number that's really interesing.


doug, good call there. I too am worried more about being able to keep my guns!

Anti's must not be allowed 1 inch. If you think the Dems won't infringe on the sportsman and side with the enviormentalist you are mistaken. I am also offended by how they view our boys fighting for freedom. My Son served in Ramati, Iraq. Our family is voting only one way, for Freedom....McCain period. Go vote please !!!!!

MI-Whitetail Nut

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Don't classify all dems like those. I certainly don't classify all Repubs as rich, war-mongering neanderthals. And, Doug, don't you dare classify us all as being against our troops. I just think we're fighting this war on the wrong front.

Sorry about that. No offense intended. I should have said " The leadership of the Democratic party" I know all Dems dont agree with these views, and thats okay because as a Dem myself I'll be voting Republican this time. Hope you kill a big buck !!

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