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August 15, 2008


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come on OCTOBER!!!

Looks like the buck in the lower picture is missing his right eye, or mabey he's just winking at the camera. Nice bucks! I got a nice 10pt on cam the other day but the picture didn't turn out that good. I'll see if i get him again, camera was 25 yards from one of my stands! You said it Trent "come on October!!"

come on september 13th opening bow here in wiscosnin have a public land gem spot picked out in the corner of a soybean field along a 500 acre cattail and swamp grass marsh with an oak ridge sloping down into a funnel 10 yards of the field edge where my stand will hang in a giant oak tree

What a huge buck! Way to go, Pat.

Scott, it does look like that right eye is smaller than his left eye. Hard to say whether something is wrong, though.

As for them being nocturnal, I agree. The largest buck I got a picture of last year gave me only the one photo. He was on his way to bed down and had stopped at a huge rub/scrape site (two huge scrapes and four rubs in a 10 foot area). It was about 4:30am. I never got another picture and never saw him in while hunting. None of the neighbors shot him so he might still be out there. I would guess he's at least 4 1/2 years old. Maybe older. He looks like an old swayback mare.

"Some deer are wired like that..."

And, that is why they're huge!

Ian sounds like you got a sweet spot hopefully that oak your sitting drops acorns and youll have it all and dont listen to everybody when they say the deer wont touch the beans after they dry out Ive seen some nice bucks in the fields all fall. Remember the wind with all them different options ya got and good luck!

i hear ya jake deer on my familys private land eat soybeans until their all picked greeen yellow brown whatever then when all the leftovers are gone go to corn just cannot wait for season plus i got a big fat EAB sticker waitin to go on a buck tag :>

I never got the biggest bucks on trail cam, they seem to figure out that it is there and avoid it. Second year for me without putting any out, just trying to glass from a distance. I would rather have pics of the biggun on the ground! The cams are fun, though.

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