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August 24, 2008


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It's almost time...

Great pictures!

I'm finishing my stand hanging chores this week (if the weather cooperates).


what is lab lab?

great looking deer! get ready for some monsters this year.


this explains lab lab pretty well

Hermon, Lab-Lab is made by Bio-logic and Tecomate. Its for warm season food plots like in summer and fall. Its basically a legume which is a vinning type pea plant or really a superior type cow pea.
It produces pea pods and grows very rapidly. Its ingrediants such as phosphorous and protein produce superior antler growth and pack on lots of weight. The deer eat it like candy! They go nuts on it. It grows very easily but you have to plant a real lot or fence it in in the beginning to let it grow a bit or they will mow it down like theres no tommorrow! Hope that helps.

Well Trent, Id say that definately sums it up. Good post.

Damn Jake! Looks like this buck has 3 main beams on his right side, unless im looking at it wrong. Best of luck for you guys to take that buck! What a Freak Nasty! Same with the rest of the bucks, nice pix fellas.

Jake....shoot straight!
Keep us posted on the hunts.

Pat....is SD over the counter archery tags?

Guys, keep the pics coming.

Jake, that's a fantastic picture! Good luck this fall.

Pat, what a stud! Let's hope he keeps roaming around in the mid-morning like that for just a little longer.

hanback, i think i have an obsession similar to yours, but for extra beams. that buck in the top pic. looks awesome. looks to be somewhat young yet, but it would be very difficult to pass on him this fall! great picture.

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