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August 22, 2008


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Hey Luke,

Can you say "busted"? Heck of a collection of sheds! Enjoy that new "man cave"!

Good luck this season.


Just a rumor. Forget about it. Its nothin. I would'nt waste any time lookin for it.

Ha-ha. Kahuna, soon you'll be saying there's no deer left at the Milk River.

Luke, that's a very nice collection of sheds. Tara is right. I don't feel too bad for you anymore. Are the bottom right sheds from Hanback's buck as well? They almost look like they could be from him a year earlier.

Well Doug, I know there will definately be atleast one less buck when I leave Montana in Oct. this year, and I'll be hanging his rack in my man room in ( TROPICAL STORM RIDDEN ) Florida in the months to follow when the mount is finished. This will be my 3rd year in a row at the Milk with my good friend and guide guru, Luke. AWESOME PLACE! I'm sure Mike will tell you its his favorite place to hunt also. Good luck to all this season.

"There will plenty of antlers for display in Luke's MAN ROOM......"

Luke, again I implore you...put those sheds right in the bedroom. Man up...you're the bread winner!!! Do NOT give in the to the powers of the dark side. LOL!!

(Note to Tara: I'm sorry...really, I am!)

Luke, can you give us some demensions on the big typical?

Thats really cool Luke!!! Maybe I can help you come find some replacements in the spring? :) I will bring my Yellow lab and we will have a blast!

Awesome job and Congrats on the new house. If your still looking for a buyer here is a taxidermy website that you should have some good luck with -


Great guys & gals on there.

For the pictures- have you tried holding the tele photo lense up to spoting cameras? It works really well. I have sent Mike many of pictures that I have taken through my binocs with my phone camera.

Take care & Good luck - Dave

Hey guys! Doug-yes those sheds do look similiar, a nice genetic...but the ones on the right are from MY WIFE'S first buck! She killed it the next year after it dropped those sheds. I told her she could keep them in the laundry room...how'd I do! The Hanback Buck's sheds are around or a little over the 160" mark as they sat on his head.
Dean-I am trying, buddy...she is 4 months pregnant though, I don't mess with her right now!
Good tip on the picture through the scope...I have never had much luck but will try it again tonight maybe. Thanks Syfert. I'll try the tax. site too.

B. Kahuna-Dude, you are one crazy Italian Stallion! Hope that tropical storm didn't mess you up to bad or better yet your deer hunting!

Like, understood!

(Note to self: Do not EVER mess with pregnant wife. Hormones might make her do crazy things.)

Okay Mike, enough teasing. What's the new show called? Are you hosting? Come on, spill it.

Dean, I'll go one further. Never mess with a wife...period. Or, at least, my wife. lol.

Doug, I don't mess with anyone's wives. ESPECIALLY the pregnant ones!!!!

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