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August 06, 2008


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i hunt because it's the only way i can really connect with God's creation...... i have never been a spectator... after high school football i had a hard time going to ball games because it was hard to watch without playing........ as a hunter i am always in the game even if there is no shot or kill (usually isn't) i am still participating...... I like food plotting for the same reason

i am also partial to The book of Genesis and Gen 1:26 ..... look it up!!!! (anyone that wants to defend hunting should spend some time in this book)

God has a purpose for us all and mine is clear.......how 'bout yours??

My dad & two uncles grew up fishing and hunting everything in the woods. When i was growing up my dad would take me out in the woods with him, hunting squirrels, rabbits, ext. He would bring me out bowhunting every once in a while when i was a kid, missed my first doe with my #15 recurve when i was 8 years old, LOL remember it like it was yesterday. My uncle wrote for Field & Stream and had a show on TV for a few years so i was fortunate to be able to go on some hunts with him and my dad when i was growing up. I have always had an obsession with whitetails. They are hard to hunt and i love lookink at those big racks, sitting out in the woods with nature is fun and relaxing

Why do I hunt?

Because I want to and I enjoy it.

Pretty simple.


Thanks Cliff!! I hunt for the same reasons that you all do, and Flatlander, AMEN on the Bible and its references to our job as stewards of the land.

There is another reason that I hunt: It's who I am as a human being. If I didn't have whitetails to pursue, etc. I don't have a clue who I'd be, or what I'd be. I absolutely LIVE for whitetail deer hunting!!I rabbit and pheasant hunt as well, but whitetails are my true passion (well, maybe they're No. 2...;) in life.

I'm Dean Weimer...and I approve this message. LOL!!

I am some what a loaner and enjoy all that God created for us in the outdoors. I love the fine table fare and thank my Dad for teaching me the right way to hunt. Figuring out this Whitetail game is like an intese puzzel with the bow for equiptment. We all compete at some level in our hunting activity, with ourselves,our camp ect. The problem is always when the final score is all that matters. When we begin to think that the score defines us in life and how others perceive us. Sad to hear about Kurt Darner. Kurt missed a golden chance to hunt hard in those productive areas, collect the trophies
and still get the fame he wanted. I see those years from the 70's to now as a time for a guy with talent and desire to really move up in the outdoor scene if-the other qualities of hard work, passion and the desire to teach others with honesty and character are included. Somehow he lived in the wrong circle of friends and hopefully we all will learn from his mistakes. We all need to stand up and challenge our buddies, and even best friends and family when crossing the line is about to happen. I have harvested only 15 deer with my bow and no real trophy yet. If I continue to learn and hunt hard it will happen. If it doesn't I will still be satisfied because I always did it right. Why keep score in golf if you cheat all the time. I think in hunting when you win by following the rules the soup will for sure taste better at the end of the day ! It really is up to us as individuals! Think about it. I enjoy hunting because in the end,when we do it the right way we do get rewarded thats for sure.

My dad did alot of his huntin to feed us, as do i. We eat deer, duck, turkey, fish, & hog year round in my household. however, chasing mature deer in their house, in their comfort zone & being succesfull at it, is a high that i cannot explain to someone that does not hunt. Every chance i get i try to take a kid or someone that has never expierenced it. the main reason i hunt is because i absolutly love horn soup!

Amen to all of you hunters expressing the passion for hunting whitetails! (and all other game for that matter!)

My brother and I started out hunting and fishing when I was 14 yrs old (I'm 47 now)We taught, learned , and experience all of the great outdoors as we grew up. My father was way to busy chasing Fortune 500 companies and so we ended up doing our own thing. He always thought that spending alot of time outdoors was not the civilized way of modern day man.
To us , it was (and still is) our space , peace , and soulful time that molded us into the people we are today. Doing so, I sacraficed alot of "other" time to chase this passion. Like mentioned before, we have freedom to enjoy our desires/passions , and by God I will!!

I hunt because it is who I am. I am a hunter. It is a passion and a right that has been handed down from generation to generation and it is my heritage.
I hunt whitetails because I have emense appreciation and respect for this animal. I believe a mature whitetail is the greatest game animal on Earth. I love the pursuit and it fills the freezer at the same time.


Like many of the other bloggers, I grew up being outdoors with my dad, whether it was baseball, bass fishing, or dove hunting and later deer hunting, I was doing something with my dad. My parents divorced when I was 10 and I havent seen my mom since I was 11, (story for another time). I'm 19 now and live with my dad, sister, and brother. Hunting became that special thing that kept us three guys together. The first couple of years after the divorce was naturally hard on all of us but we developed a bond in the woods that I don't think will ever be broken. TO this day, we get just as excited if one of the other two kills or even sees a buck as if it was our own experience.

That has a lot to do with why I hunt, but being in God's creation is a big part too. I grew up in a Christian home(southern Baptist to be exact lol) and go to Church every Sunday, unless I'm sick or out of town. GO to a bible study every other week, would go more but its quite a drive from my house, but I can still drift away from God. Hunting brings me closer to Him, and always has. My favorite part of hunting has nothing to do with deer or turkeys really, but being in the woods when the sun comes up. IT is truly remarkable what happens there in a deer stand when pure darkness turns to pure beauty. Sometimes I'll sit in my stand and just talk to God and marvel at what he was able to create.

Cliff, that is why I hunt...


I just have to.

My wife asks me this all the time...

I just have to...

i love it i cannot picture my life without it and the best memory are not of the kill but the good times spent with family and the relationship i have with nature my favorite huntign memory of all tiem my first buck nope, the red fox in the snow one closing day 2006 a memory and a moment not soon to be forgotten

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