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August 12, 2008


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I really like the Big Game Boss hang-on stands myself. Inexpensive (under $75 but you can find sales under $60 after the season ends) with a big platform and fairly easy to put up. They're sturdy and pretty quiet for a wire mesh type platform. They are kind of heavy compared to the Lone Wolf stands. But what stand isn't?

I've been hunting off lone wolf hang on stands since 2001. Light, quiet, easy to install, fits in most trees.

I've used Gorillas and Loggy Bayou hang ons too (and they are both great stands), but I know I can get a Lone Wolf in just about any tree.


Doug is right on!!

Big game makes a heck of a stand and great price.....Gorilla are awesome as well.......
don't care for Lone wolf.....over priced and flex like crazy.....if i feel like i could fall then i don't shoot with confidence....... they are desiged for the 200 pound and under crowd....and that is fine, but i can buy 3-4 of the big game stands for same money......
love the rivers edge stands also .....mostly their ladders though

first thing i do is buy one, then replace the cables with chain.....don't trust the cables after one year, they rust and i can't take all 30 stands down every year and put new cables on ......when i hang a set it has to be sturdy enough for a 3 year stent to be cost effective....

there are good stands to be found, but beware the cost of steel is going through the roof.......if you find a deal this year buy as many as you can because they will go up about 20-30% by next season!!!!

Hey Flatlander, what chains do you use?

Doug I use some bulk chain a buddy gets from his manufacturing plant....it's not real big i believe it is 3/16", i can barely get a 5/16"bolt through it (have to bulge the link a bit to get the bolt in)
i have to have the stands ultra sturdy as i am pushing 300lb. and carry 20+lbs of bow gear/ 20+ punds of camera gear..... and they hold up well (they have to not only hold me but do it with out making a single noise ..... always use good nylon gromets between metal surfaces and i use 3 rachet straps per stand!!!!!!! at $4 a piece it's cheap life insurance (change them every other year)

hard to find the Big game stands in Central IL. so i end up ordering......hate to pay the shipping though!!!!!

I like Lone Wolf stands best, they are a little pricey but there light, solid, and quiet.
I've hunted from Gorillas & Loggy Bayou as well and they are great stands. Just find one that is solid and wont bend a creak.

I have been extreamly happy with the Gorillas I have used, but I like my climber best. It goes anywhere and I don't have to worry about it being taken.

I don't trust the ratchet straps as squirrels are prone to chew thru them. A hunter fell in GA a few years ago from a partially chewed strap. I always use a chain and turnbuckle around the tree and then add a ratchet strap to keep it all snug. I also look the strap over before I put my weight in the stand.

it's great to see some of you take the stand thing so serious.......to me it is the most important aspect of the hunt, because it the stand isn't right you ain't coming home with a deer or even comin' home at all.

the majority of hunters in my area hang stands fast and furious without a care to
safety or effectiveness........ what good are bows, scentlock, buck lure and everything else if stands are junk.....
great to see some real good imput......

Mike , i am curious do you hang your own on guided hunts and trust someone else when climbing into a stand for the first time in the dark or do you look them over first???

With all this talk about stands and safety, I wonder how many of us HONESTLY wear a safety harness while in a tree? Does anyone hook on before they leave the ground or do you just hook on once you are in the stand and unhook when you go to climb down?

I will admit that I wear one when I'm in a hang on stand, but I don't if I'm in a ladder stand (which I hunt out of more and more these days).

Just curious.


I STAY WITH A CLIMBER... The small woodlots I hunt here in Michigan often near the city , the climber helps gets me in and out quick. I dont want the none-hunters in the area to know I'm there. Ive done best not leaving any sign behind and have my scouting done way before the season. It also leaves me flexible according to the wind. I have used the Summit Viper since 2001 and really like how quiet it is. I go in when its dark and can set it up by feel. My son has the Lone Wolf and likes it but it is spendy and the seat is narrow. When I cant find a tree the I break out the pop-up ground blind. Not enough whitetail guys use these, I think they are really missing out in certain situations.

Michigan Whitetail Nut

I have sat in a Big Game Boss XL for a lot of hours over the last few years. I feel that the big flip up seat and big platform make me feel safe and comfortable for all day hunts. They are also under $100. I also use ratchet straps to strap it in. I guess I have never had a problem with squirrels in South Dakota.


Thanks for the feedback on your choices for a fixed-position stand! I think I will be going with the Lone Wolf after some long research. I like the smaller stand profiles of a fixed-position over a climber and the fact that you can get in and out of your hunting area in total silence.

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