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August 27, 2008


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Nice buck Jeff, most any kind of deer hunting sounds like fun to me. I've been wanting to take a velvet buck someday. Man i've got the itch!!

Alway's wanted to take a buck in velvet, would be strange to hunt with a rifle in this heat, I would'nt turn it down though. You like it, I love it!


Btw, I wonder why their shootin 2 1/2yr old's at a managed hunting lodge?


If you want to hunt in a mosquito infested swamp in heat come on down to East Texas in early November!

Shoot, Rodger, try hunting up here at our place in the Wisconsin River backwaters in September. My Thermacell is as important as my bow.

Dirty, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Jeff can come on and fill us in? Cool to see hunters tagging out, though.

Man, I can't wait! Two weeks from this Saturday!!

I checked out their site and photo gallery, saw some spike's and forked horn's on there. They also had a special on velvet buck's, saw afew yupies posing with babies(1 1/2 & 2 1/2yr old's) on there, would love to see their managment plan..........


To Dirty and Doug,

Sorry for the delay in responding... I meant to come back and check the comments sooner.
On our website's rate page, you should have seen that Cypress Creek offers several different hunts with different antler requirements on each. The trophy hunts, which these came out of, are done on Pleasant Hill Plantation. It is 3000 acres of the best land the lowcountry has to offer, and bucks are supposed to be at least 3.5 years old with a heavy emphasis on killing 4.5 year old or better (8 points with a 16 inch spread or more). And only 12-15 bucks are killed off of that piece each season.
Danny, the owner, could have charged the guy with the 2.5 year old buck a $1000 fine, but did not because it was his third trophy trip. And on each of his previous hunts, he had missed good bucks due to being so excited (one of them on film no less)! Not everyone is a veteran hunter, and he ended up misjudging that deer which was a good, but younger buck. It happens, and we are certainly not going to lie about it.
As for the small bucks in some of the other pictures, those all came off of one of the other tracts that has NO antler requirements or one of the tracts that only requires four on one side. Danny tries to provide a hunt for everybody's needs.
Hope that clears everything up. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.
Thanks, Jeff

Thanks for putting our bucks up on your site! We really appreciated it...

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