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August 19, 2008


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probably gets good mileage, too! Thanks for the info Ray, I have been considering electric for our guiding and outfitting operation.

$12000 for a golf cart on steroids....... i am sure it is neat but man that is some serious money in my book.......

if i had the money to get one i think i would pass on the chance.....just tooooo much $$jack$$

I could see the benefits of a 12k 4 wheeler for a large lease or outfitting operation, but for a guy like me who hunts on primarily small acreage, it makes no financial sense whatsover.


I know some people that have tried Ruff/Tuff and like them. I understand the guy who makes them is also designing an electric car, sort of using the 4-wheeler as a portotype and to test out electrical motors and batteries and stuff, anybody else heard that???

I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran. I have a yamaha 4 wheeler, but I don't like parking it close to my stand while hunting. I have trouble getting to and from my stand due to my disability. I have been considering a electric 4 wheeler because of attributes of less noise, and scent. I figure it could get me closer to my stand without spooking the deer. I called the Bad Boy Buggie dealer in my area, and he said they quit carring the Bad Boy Buggie because it had a lot of electrical problems.I wonder how the Ruff N Tuff Buggie will hold up over time. I live in the Shreveport Louisiana area, and do not know of any dealers in my area. I would like to find out how to check one out.


I purchased mine from the distributor in Baton Rouge, LA. They were the first to receive these cars and have top notch service. They should have several demos for you to ride.

Cart Dynamics LLC 15470 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70817
225) 293-7300

I think you are definately right about that. But your idea only applies part of the time.

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