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August 26, 2008


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Best of luck and I hope you "get your Mojo on"!


WOW, what a giant!!!!
good luck, hope you get a chance at him

It's amazing how those monsters disappear and then show up out of nowhere. We have a huge 9 pointer(last year) that I have seen bowhunting and have on trail camera after season that I just do not see in summer or early season. My guess is he will make his appearance during that chase phase again, I hope. Good luck with your hunt!!!

Eric, best of luck to you in your quest. What a monster! That would be great to put him on the wall.

That is awesome, man! Best of luck. I hope you kill that big dude! Please keep us posted! Take care!


Eric, that is one fine monster of a buck! Looks like he's adding lots of mass throughout the length of his main beams. What a trophy. Good luck with this fall's hunt.


Take 5 deep breaths, pull back and follow through just like you practiced!! Your dream should come true!! Best of luck

You're going to have some exciting hunts. Looking forward to the updates. Good luck.

160-170" ???? No matter what a stud son! Good luck and practice those oddball shots!

"I've got your Mojo now Sonny Jim!!!""

Good luck Eric. Be patient and good things will happen for you.

Sound's like he's a slippery one. Atleast 160. Love the brow's, love it all! HOOOOSS! Point & click.Good luck.


Sounds like he's a slippery one! Atleast 160".Love the brow's, love it all! HOOOOSS!!! steadyyy....point and click. Good luck!


Nice buck!!! I hope you get-it-did this fall!!!


Sound's like he's a slippery one. Atleast 160". Love the brow's, love it all!!!! HOOOOOSS!!!! Point & click. Good luck!


Good luck with this old boy, Eric

Eric, if you see him you can kill him! I think you will be posting a pic this season with your hands wrapped around those giant beams. Just knowing hes there, then theres a chance. The rush must be overwelming. Good luck.


Thanx for the well wishing!!!

I have this feeling that all of us passionate deer hunters seem to pass on good hunting karma and fortunes. I will for sure keep everyone posted as the hunt(s)
take shape.

And with that , I want to wish each and every hunter great luck this coming deer season!


The season is on out footsteps! Good luck to everyone and may everyone take a Monster like this :) Eric, Good luck holding back but I am sure his genes are around and you may get tempted.

Have fun hunting, take a kid with you :)


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