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August 04, 2008


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Wild looking buck!

And Mike's drop tine obsession continues.....


Amazing in all of natures order there is so much disorder. Neat buck!! But- hey all deer are pretty cool.

He's going to have to update his website quote to add in "and a drop hook buck as well"

Really cool buck there!

I'm with Mike.... wanting a drop-tine(s) buck too!

I've shot many typicals and some non-typicals.....but not one with a drop tine.

Maybe this year....???!!!!

New Jersey has a lot of big deer....Some are up there with the best of them. State record bow is a 190 typical. Most successful big buck hunters in NJ keep to themselves and do not want the publicity since prime hunting land is hard to get.

THat really is a heck of a drop. Seen a couple drops in the woods but nothing to amount to that..

Mike, having seen your obsession grow over the last couple of years I have to wonder, if you saw a snake drop, even on a smaller buck, would you take it or pass it up in hopes of a club or a hook?


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