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August 29, 2008


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"Was this kid really just 15? He had handled the knee-buckling encounter like a much older pro."

Well put. I shot a giant a couple years ago and wasn't able to recover him, missed him once and was offered and immediate second shot. Shot a small 6 pt last year and wasn't able to recover him. Bowhunting is hard, no question about it and even that small 6 had me so excited I rushed the shot and punched my release. Knew it wasn't a great shot when I released so props to Collin. Can't wait for the rest of the story....


Check out the brows on that sucker too man!! Incredible!!

Fantastic job, Colin. You are the man! You have great taste in bows, too. Martin Cougar for me.

I think all of us here on the Big Deer Blog realize just how special Colin's hunt was. He did indeed handle it like a true pro.

That is a buck of a lifetime for most hunters, Colin. But, that doesn't mean you can't have a liftime of hunting memories to follow it. Plus, you still have a drop tine to shoot. Ask Mike how easy that is...

this gives hope to all who don't have hundreds of acres or who haven't watched a deer get this big for 5 years and have him named that their are still monsters out there lurking for anyone who puts in there time and has GOD smiling down on them......

my next deer attractant/call might be kids on dirt bikes :)

can't hardly wait for the rest ot the story.........
come on MIKE it's Friday can't you post the rest today:)

What a story. What a buck. What a hunter. Reading stories like this about the next generation of bowhunters really gets me going, these kids hunt hard, aren't afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary (like hunting in their backyard - I hunt the suburbs a lot, there's huge deer and you'd be surprised what they're used to - I hunted about 75 yards from a guy with a log splitter running all day and the deer didn't even care).

Great comments I'll go ahead and post Part 3--tomorrow :) yes, this is an incredible story and yes, look at those killer brows!!

Great deer Colin!

Deer go where they feel safe (and in this case) it was right behind the house (with all the normal noises going on). Great job!


Congrats Colin!

That buck has "GIANT" written on one side
and "AWESOME HUNTER" written on the other side!

Way to go.

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