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August 30, 2008


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MIke, that is a great story to kick off the year!

What makes it better is that the Bourriers seem like so many of us. Just regular folks who love deer hunting. Colin's story gives me hope that those monsters are around to be found if you put in the time and maybe get just a little lucky.

That in no way takes away from what Colin accomplished. He made a fantastic shot on a monster buck. Lot's of us could honestly say we might not be able to do that.

That is awesome...

Doug is right, you love to hear these stories from everyday people...

Everyone already knows you can kill huge deer Mike, nice that us ameteurs have a shot at it! HA!!!

I hope Colin has the chance to read all of these comments because he truly deserves every congratulatory comment he can get. That is an awesome story, remarkable trophy of a lifetime, and incredible hunter. Although I'm not sure about his haircut in the pic with the mount lol. Awesome job Colin and remember that, not to be johnny raincloud or anything, but you may never top that trophy. Remember that hunting is not about "hornography" as Jim calls it, but the time spent afield with family and friends and the memories made. I hope your upcoming season is just as memorable as the last and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanks for bringing us that story Mike, one of the coolest posts you've had in awhile imo.


Congrats again on a fine buck. I hope someday to even SEE a buck like that!


Congrats on a great buck! You are the man! Cody is right, you may never see a deer like that again.....but it'll be fun to try to top it!

Keep hunting with your Dad and bro-in-law. That's the greatest part of our awesome sport.


hey yall its pete here. im new on this site

this colins bro in law

yeah im sitting next to the mount rite now

it truely is one awesome buck

seems nobody is on here or something so ill just keep looking at collins huge buck till sunrise.lol

collin is here beside me

I think there should be a class for all those awesome velvet bucks, so they to can get reconized throught out history. its one thing to shoot a big buck but getting one in velvet is almost impossible. what do you think?

I think they should be able to do that with no problem...it's a shame that a nice buck like this can't be in the record book because of the velvet

Colin you rock!!!! and congrats from cynthia and ashley lol

Congrats I never knew about this till like now. But yea awesome.

Congrats to you Colin on such a fine looking buck. You are truly now in an elite group of bowhunters who can actually say that they have taken a 200 class Whitetail deer.I'm glad to see such a young hunter do so well and a very well placed shot I might add. I see you are following your dad's foot steps. Congrats again Colin and don't stop dreaming of topping that one because there's always hope that the good genetics are still there!!!!

Hey everybody its colin bourrier leaving this messege i just wanted to thank everybody for the nice comments they left about me and i hope you guys have good luck in your hunting seasons

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