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August 08, 2008


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Man Rule!!!

Do NOT show scantily clad young hottie in camo swim suit first thing in morning!!

You tryin' to kill a poor feller Hanback?

P.S. Great lookin' merchandise!

If I liked the pattern I'd probably wear it. I think their marketing campaign is pretty dumb though.

I've never been much of a lingerie guy myself, but, I wouldn't tell my wife NOT to wear it either. Ha-ha. Wait a sec and I'll go and get her. She's working about 30 yards from me.

Kristine, Could you provide pictures?

LOL! Just funnin' ya!!

This is Sherri. I think the camo lingerie is pretty dumb looking. Wouldn't ever wear it. I guess I'm not much of a lingerie fan either.

Dean, you always have to say the dumb stuff no one else will.

I emailed my wife and asked her to check out the site (and the lingerie).

I don't think the company has much of a chance to make a sale with her.


I also emailed my wife, she said there was too much camo and not enough pink. It's funny, she thinks camo outfits for our daughter (3 weeks old now) are cute, but I don't really see the need for camo if you're not hunting, I don't wear it around for fun.

Of course i would wear the camo lingerie. My husband, son, and myself make camo a regular part of our wardrobe! The lingerie is very sexy and i know i would drive my husband wild in it. As long as the price is reasonable, because lets face it, it is underwear! It would be alot better also if it was a colorfast cotton blend (better for women's health).

My wife wears some camo around the house, but wouldn't wear the lingerie. She does look good in Mossy oak though, and wears it trout fishing our small streams in GA.
Luke- any nice deer in the Milk R. bottoms?

Most any lingerie is nice! This camo stuff would work i guess. I dont see my wife buying this but if i bought it for her she would wear it on occation.


My uncle spotted two nice 10pts the other day on our property, and one was a pig! Damn im getting fired up!

probably won't see that in the Mrs's drawer, i'll have to check with the girlfreind though, hahahaha

Luke, thanks for the compliment......

That WAS a compliment, wasn't it??

Where you been buddy?

I'll bookmark that site and if I ever decide I want a divorce order some of the stuff and give it to my wife as a gift.

Hey Mack, may be the best horn year yet. No kidding.

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