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August 12, 2008


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That's pretty wild, wonder when they rut down there in CJ's area??

that's awesome.

This doesn't surprise me in the least. I actually noticed some small scraping activity a week ago in my one spot.

Scraping is described as a "fixed action pattern" by Dr. Kroll. Scraping is actually an activity that is induced by testosterone in the bucks' bodies. Scrapes aren't made because of a conscious decisioin by a buck...the hormones cause them to do it. This is why scraping increases as the rut nears. The more testosterone that is present in the bucks' systems, the more they'll scrape.

Here's another nice thing to know. My friend, Sam Collora, starts creating mock scrapes with their product (Continuous Scrape Set) right now. In mid-August, Sam starts the mock scrapes that he'll be hunting over in a month and a half. Sam gets them going now and refreshes them (very carefully) every couple of weeks.

I invite all whitetailers across the continent to look closely at your bucks that you're getting trail pictures of, or pictures of etc.

Some of you will notice that the summer coats are starting to change (look for the grayish coloring mixed into the red coats). As the days are now growing shorter, the pineal gland is being kick started. In actuality, the "pre rut" is starting right now.

Some people will jump to conclusions about an "early rut", etc., but don't buy into that. This is normal behavior. Whitetails can't actually breed while they're in velvet, so remember...this is normal activity for mid-August.

Remember, scrapes are a testosterone induced activity. It is being slowly "injected" into their bodies as we speak. It is what hardens their antlers. According to Dr. Kroll, the heat and humidity are more responsible for the initiation of the summer coat shedding, more so than testosterone; but it is the surge in hormones that causes antlers to harden, and velvet to shed. And, it's also what is responsible for this early scraping behavior.

And, Hanback is right. It's all about the smells, etc. Several bucks will probably work that same scrape, so get your cameras on them.

Good hunting!

That's a great picture. It looks like someone might have a great season. Wildlife pictures are so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

I believe bucks an to some degree does visit scrapes all year long. We know they use licking branches all year an rarely will you find a licking branch that doesn'y have a scrape in the immedate vicinity.
The bucks may not "work" the scrapes from early spring until late summer but they do visit them leaving scent from their preorbital glands on the over hanging branches.
I've seen bucks "working" scrapes as late as March an as early as August 1.

I've seen a few scrapes during summer months but wasn't sure if they were fresh from bucks or not, guess so. We usually see a bunch of scrape action starting in Sept. here in Michigan. Great picture! Im going up north today to check my trail cam, there's a big buck hanging around the area, mabey i'll have a pix of him!

Mike-remember the Kansas kid that called in that nice 5x5 with his buck grunt in early September and killed him with his bow here on the Milk? "he came on a string"...remember. ah ha.

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