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August 14, 2008


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logo is awesome.......even my wife commented she would like a sweatshirt with the logo......look forward to some big deer gear on the new website......hopefully

Logo is great! Only thing is you,ll have to change it again next season cause I have a feeling your droptine is in your very near future.

Great logo Mike. Looking forward to the new site as well.


Love the logo Mike, looks good and badass! Decal like that would look good on the back quarter window of my gas guzzlin big deer haulin chevy!

Jake, that's a great idea! I have a gas guzzling Chevy that is in need of a hunting sticker right now.

Mike, I love the logo. Can't wait to the rest of the sutff you have planned to empty our pockets;)

That is a great looking logo Mike. Your blog is to good, I don't get my accounting done during the day.

love the logo should def send some out to all of use hard core bloggers mike

Great Logo!
Please have decals and T-shirt printings
made for us bloggers. That logo on a dark maroon or dark blue shirt would speak volumes!

This cooler than the underside of your pillow, put me in line!!!

Cool logo Mike, but more importantly I think the bloggers are a very intelligent and experienced group of hunters. That is part of the reason I visit the blog daily, sometimes several times a day. There is always a different perspective than my own on every issue posted, and so much experience with different profucts from people from so many different walks of life.

Great job guys, Great job Mike, and looking foward to the new site!!


Very very valuable group of hunters from across the country here.

I learn something everytime I read here.

Thanks again for the blog, Mike.

That logo is freakin' awesome!!

Great logo, Mike. When's the new site gonna come on line?

Love the logo...maybe a drop tine in the shape of a question mark! This is your year. Maybe a monster drop on a big Muley for you on your September hunt !!!

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