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August 25, 2008


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Mike nice group, did you shoot that? what kind of arrows are those??

Yes, getting her dialed in!! Those are PSE Radial Weave Predator 200s, awesome arrows!

Definelty will look into this target.

Hey Mike, are you shooting that new PSE Dream Season bow with those arrows? If so,
what's your oppinion on the set-up?

Eris, yes, I'm due a field test report on that PSE bow and hope to get it up this week--finally got it dialed in, it's awesome, fast and quiet, i really like it.

My next bow is gonna be a PSE Dream Season...

Yeah, I'm a Drury homer, those are good guys, got a chance to talk with them over on AT at a chat they did. Great guys. Top notch. Anything I can do to support them I will.

The fact the bow is a sweet shooter is just a bonus!! HAHAHA

DISAGREE! That cabelas target is junk, I shoot 5-6 days a week with practice g5 montecs and the arrow hawk is done in a month tops. Arrows are easy to pull out cause they get so chewed up so fast, arrows go all the way through and then your searching. Buck up spend the extra 40 bucks and get the rinehart 18-1. Best target I have ever had hands down, will last and if it doesnt and you can shoot out all 18 sides in a yr they give you a new one free. Also the handle on all 3 arrow hawks I had came off, the 18-1 has a real handle when you have to walk for a place to shoot like I do that's important.

Thanks for your perspective, but still like mine, just shot it some more :)

We have a two-sided Morrell target hanging in our backyard. We've had the target for almost three years, three shooters using it on a regular basis. We have slung God only knows how many arrows at it and have just recently turned it around to use the second side. I say recently, maybe 3 months ago? The first side is still usable, but from twenty and thirty yards the bullseyes are somewhat difficult to see. In my opinion it is an excellent target. We have a portbale broadhead target, couldn't tell you the brand. We bought it last year and arrows are going through already. Need to spend a few bucks and get a good broadhead target but that morrell target was well worth the $90 +/- we spent...


That looks like a great deal to me.

Too bad I already have a Block 4x4 that'll probably last me a long time based on how it looks so far. I know my Block cost me a bit more than that Arrow Hawk. Next time I'll take a look at it.

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