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August 18, 2008


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i agree, its amazing how many times Ive heard of people doing this(although not to this extreme) its amazing how slippery a knife gets when it gets bloody. In fact alot of stabbers are caught because of the fact that alot of times they slice themselves in the act because their hands slide down their knives.


My near death experience happened in the San Juan Islands about 90 miles north of Seattle. The island we hunted was 50 % farmland the remainder in Evergreens. We spotted a nice Blacktail buck bedded on a hill side 200 yards on the other side of a corn field. My son and I skirted the corn and quietly moved to the base of the hill the deer was on (75 yards above us) The wind was running straight down to us. Property lines kept us from a side approach. It took me an hour to crawl to the stump I knew was 25 yards from the deer. When I got there I tried to whistle and get him to stand but he would not move. I stood slowly and caught him bedded but facing the other way. I tried to thread the arrow behind the shoulder but hit him right where the neck meets the shoulder. At the "wack" he just stood up and tried to pull the arrow with his teeth.I looked down briefly to knock another arrow and when I looked up he just tipped over out of sight. I waved my Son to my side and carefully approached the deer. He was breathing but down. I arrowed him again, thru the heart and he jumped up and ran. Had I tried the knife approach I'm sure it would have been ugly. I would suggest guys not try that move no matter how many buddies are with you. We did find the buck and it was an awsome hunt with my 8 year old boy !

I'd like to hear why they decided to jump the buck with knives. But, I don't think any reason would be good enough. Not a wise move no matter what. I've only seen it done once. Too many things can go wrong, as Mike said.

I have to totally agree with Doug. Not a wise move to try to stab a buck to death.

I guess common sense took a vacation for these guys that day.


I've got a similar story, but don't want to write another "book".

It involved a hit buck (not mine), a brand new brinkman flashlight (the big one) which was used to try and dispatch this wounded buck (yes, my buddy tried to put it out by blasting it on the noggin')--please don't ever try this at hom, and then me running and shimmying up a tree so this big 8 pointer didn't trample me.

In the end, the buck--which my friend and I tracked off and on for 3 days-- was never recovered.

In Indiana, it is illegal to have a loaded firearm, or any type of weapon (that can be used to kill something like a wounded deer) in the field after legal hours.

Never too early to work on your darwin award...

Sounds like a femoral artery accident waiting to happen.

While serving the county as a deputy sheriff i shot a deer that had been struck by a car, that thing kicked and if i did not have boots on, would have broken my ankle, i had a black bruise for a month. This was just a small doe. Be careful, look for open eyes, tounge hanging out, and definitely approach from behind!

Its all fun and games until someone loses a finger, or gets stabbed in the chest. Maybe they should take a few hunter ed classes, or at least start reading "Common Sense for Dummies"

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