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August 27, 2008


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Great way to start off the season! i feel left out waiting two more weeks :-( HEY MIKE did you see you got mentioned in North American Whitetail? Page 40 a Josh Woods mentions that even Mike Hanback wouldve shot the 200" drop tined giant!

Heck of a deer and congrats to the lucky hunter!

October is fast approaching!


Great buck, nice long tines. Damn im getting fired up. New Leaf River trail cam came in today, got to get it out in the woods, see if i can get a better pix of a nice 10pt hanging around!

jake, I heard something about that being in NAW, the drop tine obsession is spreading the land :)

What an Awesome Deer!


Great deer!!

The sickness is spreading throughout the range.

Tonight I saw several good bucks. One had what appeared to be all of his new coat in, while all the others were still quite red. Also, two of the bucks had that silvery/white looking velvet...which means only one thing....BONE HEADS ARE COMING!!!!


Hanback, I've got the longest drop tine in the world on my camera phone and don't know how to get it to you. I worked a show at Cabela's last weekend for Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Ran into an outfitter from the Golden Triangle (Boing!!), and he had a shed with the longest drop I've ever seen.

How do I get the damn photo off the phone and to you?

Oh baby! That is a buck to get the ol' heart pumping.

Since we're congratulating Mike, nice article in the new American Hunter. Lots of good tips.

Great deer !

Late summer feeding patterns are definitely being established ... Deer are everywhere right before dark in this here part of the Keystone State... Seen a shooter or two on my nightly rounds but nothing gets the blood pumping like pics of the first bucks of the year hitting the dirt !!


I'm hate some of todays technology as much as any 90 year old man out there...and I'm 19, grew up with it still hate it lol...I think though that you can send text messages from a phone to an e-mail address. I'm not sure but if your phone is capable of sending and recieving photo texts, create a new message addressed to mikes e-mail, think its mikehanback@yahoo.com...only suggestion I have. I want to see that drop too so find a way to make it work!!!


NICE Velvet buck!
Congrats to the Manitoba bow hunter.

My velvet dream, almost, came to be near Burney , California when I was 16. I missed a 30 inch 5x5 muley in front of my Dad. I have yet to harvest one but the dream lives on !!!!!

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