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July 28, 2008


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If they're smart they won't mess with the marketing budget at all. People are already up in arms over the sale. Start pulling support from "American" sports and you've practically handed the market to one of your competitors.

Hanback, I'm with you that selling to a foreign company seems un American, but IMO it is all to "American" (think present day terms here) for companies to sell out to foreigners. Chrystler did it a few years back, etc.

Anymore, it seems that folks are just after the big $$$...so what of the implications in our country. Unfortunately, capitalism can be pretty ugly at times.

But yeah, couldn't they have just held onto Budweiser? Or, perhaps they could have sold to MillerCoors?

Hanback you're showing your age--Spuds McKenzie, hell a lot of the guys on the blog don't even know who that is, LOL!! Cute little fella, but annoying remember??

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that THIS bud ain't for US. It's a shame, I never really was wild about BUD (all REAL Pennsylvanians drink Yuengling), but I bought their product when out of state on business/pleasure simply because of the support for the shooting sports...

AB has contracts that I'm sure Inbev will have to honor so I doubt much changes in the short term.

After that, as long as the sponsorships and marketing are resulting in sales numbers that meet target goals, I doubt much will change.

If they don't, the new owners will probably either cut that figure back or redirect those dollars into other marketing strategies.

My understanding is InBev is pretty tight with their money, so sports fans, you'd better make it a bud night!


Miller will pick it up

Good point about Miller AKA MGD much too large a market in the sports/hunting venue to not "tap" into.

Hanback, I had to laugh at a talk show I was listening to. The subject was corporate take overs and how they were received by the American public. Quote "few years ago Chrysler sells out to a German group and not much was thought or cared about. As soon as America's number one beer sells out to the Belgians holy hell breaks loose and the worlds coming to an end!" Only in America!

I think I'll start brewing my own craft beer. Call it H3O , (Hanback's Honey Highlife Outdoors)....any takers??
In the meantime , my libation matters are with Coor's Light. Toast to the upcoming deer season!

Buy American, drink American, wear American, drive American, sleep American, live American.....................

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