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July 09, 2008


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That's it, selling my spare's and buying a trail cam!

Very nice! Somebodies gonna be mighty happy come huntin time.

Interesting that the Cudyback let all those bucks get that close before taking a bunch of pictures. Was there any pictures of them leading up to the camera? Looks like they are fixin to run and have seen something out to the 5:15 area of our field of view. Buck in upper right is about to give us the big white finger too!

Really cool picture, Thanks for sharing Mike!


I just noticed that the Buck in the upper right has a sticker coming off his left brow and appears to have a split brow on the right too!



That is a sweet pic. right there!!

Hey, anyone notice the wheat in the background? Man, get your cameras on a wheat field right now!

My guess is the midwest somewhere???? Or, perhaps Montana??

Hey Luke, you got any wheat in your area? Talk to me Brother!!!

Killer picture Hanback! Thanks for sharing with us. The juices are flowing now man!!

Great pic! A few dandy bucks right there. I love trail cams, its like waking up for Christmas when i was a kid when you waiting to check your pix!

Tell em Forrest, trail cams are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going ta get! :)

That's EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for a mid-July morning. That lead deer is going to be something special in few months' time.
I'll start the bidding for GPS co-ords at 2 bits ... :)

Very cool picture. It looks to me like the lead deer saw the camera. He certainly appears to be posing.

Looks just like Montana! Good luck with Mr. Wonderful there in front!

That has to be mid-west somewhere. awesome buck

I'm going to say upper midwest. Awesome picture. I didn't get my cameras out over the Fourth like I wanted to. Next week they'll be out.

Love the mass on those bases!!!!

PA Archer, you're right on the money. Just what I needed to get me through the last couple months before archery opener.

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