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July 23, 2008


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old bob barker.....funny that grabbing your assistants is ok, but hunting and killing a deer isn't. it would be interesting to see how many accidents are caused by deer each year. spayed and neuter your cats!

give up in what you believe to appease the neighbors......... give me a break.....i thought we are Americans...

People have the right to protest hunting we don't stop them from doing it, it's their right........ Hunting is ours and they shouldn't stop us......

i for one will never back down, never, never

remember the Heston clip not so long ago....
"from my cold dead hands"

Come on folks it is time in this country to get a pair and keep em'

remember PETA means (People Eating Tasty Animals)

don't like it, take it up with GOD, it's in the bible, read the book of Gen. and see the truth..... if you can argue with GOD then by all means who am i to argue with you ....

Bob Barker...... give me a break .... is he really still alive or did they get a life size mount of him...LOL

i will get off my soap box

I bet he will still let the hunt go on but just not tell anybody about it. Deer in suburbia are a real problem. there are some monster deer in the suburbs of Nashville. Its hard finding access but if you do, oh man do you have a good shot at getting a wall hanger.

I hunt the suburbs of CT regularly and the deer there are extremely overpopulated and greatly exceed the carrying capacity of the land. Last season I counted over 30 deer in one sitting - the woods I hunt are only about 50 acres. In CT where I hunt the season runs from September 15th through January 31st and you get two either sex tags and two doe tags for Sep-Dec and one either sex and one doe for Jan. There's a reason they give you so many tags - and give you replacements for the deer you bring to the check station - hunting is the only cost effective means of controlling urban deer.

This is an evergrowing problem in the "suburbs" as land is continually chopped into 5 acres plots. Hunting is a big no,no in their backyards.

I guess these people don't mind deer ticks and expensive landscaping being eaten, not to mention the collisions with their SUV's and Mommy wagons (minivans).

For the life of me, I'll never understand it.


I say we get Happy Gilmore to come out of retirement and have a cage match with Old Bob.

"And in the silver trunks......COME ON DOOOOOWN, Bob Barker!!!!!! You're the next contestant on Get cher Ass Whooped by a deer hunter in Virginia...!!!"

Come on people, quit being little sissy boys about this stuff. Shoot a couple of deer and have a suburban neighborhood barbeque. Then, when your guests ask what that great "beef" is, then tell 'em it's the doe that was eating your roses.

How's that for Redneck!!!???


They really cancelled the hunt? That's a damn shame. I hope Bill T. is right and they let the hunt go on. Only I wish they would make it public knowledge.

I can't wait for the day that someone asks me to handle the "deer problem" in their yard!

Dean....... right on brother

maybe we could invite Bob Barker to go on a hunt to get his head out of his @%$!!!

All those face lifts have screwed up Bob's thinking. I wish Adam Sandler kicked his ass in Happy Gilmore! I live near and drive Northern Virginia roads daily. The population of whitetails is incredible. The Fairfax County Parkway from I66 to Lorton has about 10-12 deer crossing signs and it is almost impossible to drive up it without seeing 2-3 dead ones on the shoulder of the road.

Chris, it's better to let the vehicles kill them and let them rot, than to utilize that meat...

Dean, I hear ya, that area is just one of many that is flooded with deer, and managed hunts in these areas is needed. Now we can hunt til March in certain areas of VA, in hopes to thin the population. My fear is that alot of big does (bucks that have shed) will get killed.

tell that dude from peta, when he or is family is in a ditch, crashed because he doesnt want to run into a deer, or better yet, he hits the deer and is in a ditch. Which is more humane, a hunter that kills a deer quickly, not to mention he or she is providing food for the family, or one that runs off and dies a slow painfull death. Bet I can guess which one PETA would prefer, the deer and car scenario.

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